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Graphic Design Services

Today’s life we ​​cannot imagine without design. Even without noticing, a person faces this every day: designing an apartment, clothes, accessories, shoes, books, newspapers, and websites and so on. One of the varieties of this direction is graphic design. What is it and where is it used? Graphic design is the creation of visual images to achieve certain goals, ideas. This is an artistic activity to create a visual and communicative environment. In other words, it is the art of visualization, the creation of certain objects (graphic elements), through which information is better perceived, and the idea quickly achieves the goal. Used graphic design in advertising, in production and entertainment. It is necessary to create labels, brochures, posters, catalogs. Playing an important role for the formation of style.

Who Needs Graphic Designer Services?

Modern graphic design provides a wide choice of colors, text design for logos, advertisements, posters. Experts develop many art objects with the help of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. There are many kinds of styles, concepts and methods, this is a non-plowed field – you can always find something new for yourself and for others.

Each country has its own characteristics and features, like every specialist. For example, Japanese graphic design is characterized by its urban-ism and originality. A special imprint is also imposed on the culture of Japan, from which posters and posters can not be confused with any country. Or, for example, Russian graphic design, which is the opposite of the first. Here the imprint was left by culture of 19-20 centuries; the main features are calmness, warm tones, and classics, in some cases, info graphics or digital style. Graphic designer services are necessary for everyone who plans to open a business or already has.


This is very important, as it is very easy to get lost in the world of production “sharks”. To customers, customers knew the company, had an idea about the organization, and used the goods and services of the company – it is necessary to have a logo, beautiful and bright advertising, memorable name and the like. For this, there are designers.

Defining their task, you have a ready result and success in the future activity. Regardless of the specifics of the business, the organization’s orientation, the structure’s structure, everyone needs advertising. This is the main engine of trade, without which it is impossible to survive in the market. Big business or small, trade or provision of services – only the graphic design studio will be able to present your company beautifully, accurately and in an original way, developing logos, billboards, posters, brochures for correct perception by consumers. These services are necessary: ​​for use in the printing house, for creating websites, for photographers, animators, editors and directors, for 3D designers, subject design, interior designers and ex-terriers.

For Use in Printing

Graphic design services are widely used for all kinds of printing products. This is a necessary moment when creating business cards, calendars, booklets, stickers, stickers, leaflets, plastic cards, packages, ads and other products of the printing house. For successful businessmen and beginning entrepreneurs, this type of printing is necessary for the presentation of your company, the identification of contact data and the improvement of the image of the company in the eyes of competitors, partners and consumers.

When creating sites

Every self-respecting company must have a website. Since promotion on the Internet is a very popular segment of the market that many more consumers can gather than a regular store. Graphic web design serves as an assistant for the design of the company’s website. This is necessary for users to be interested in visiting the page, order something or learn more about the service and organization. Correct, bright and original presentation is the key to success and progress.

For Photographers, Animators, Editors and Directors

For creative professions, the development of graphic design is as necessary as for entrepreneurs. Firstly, it’s advertising – everyone wants to earn money on their favorite business, and for this it is necessary to present themselves in a qualitative and bright way. Secondly, it is help in compositing, compositing and color balance, processing photos, movies, frames, texts and illustrations. Unique graphic design will help you become exclusive in your environment and among competitors, be a unique professional, catchy and bright, and, after all, recognizable not only in your circle, but also among consumers.

-For photographers, animators, editors and directors

-For 3D designers, subject design

-For 3d Designers, Subject Design

3D design is very progressive and popular. This graph helps to transform a flat image into a 3D image, brings it closer to reality and gives a sense of being in another reality. Every 3D designer should be able to handle specific professional programs. Therefore, you need a graphic design, whose services are indispensable in this area. These are two inseparable parts of one whole.

For Interior and Exterior Designers

Designers of the interior or exterior cannot imagine their work without this service. After all, creating a graphic design is part of their profession. Drawing rooms, composing a color palette, creating layouts, decorating architectural expositions – all this is impossible without artistic design.

FORM STYLE : Corporate style is a set of visual constants, united by a common idea and forming a recognizable brand image of consumers. Today, the corporate style of the company is an important component of the positive image of the business, its recognition, and therefore – to increase sales and customer confidence.

LOGO: A logo is an element of corporate identity, the most frequently registered form of a trademark. It is a corporate font inscription, that is, the original outline of the full or abbreviated name of the company or a particular product produced by the firm.

WEB DESIGN: Web-design is a kind of graphic design aimed at the development and design of information environment of the Internet, designed to provide them with high consumer properties and aesthetic qualities.

OUTDOOR ADVERTISING:  graphic, textual, or other information of an advertising nature that is placed on special temporary or stationary structures located in the open area

POLYGRAPHY: Polygraph is a design industry engaged in the development of printed products, namely book-magazine, business, newspaper, label and packaging products.

Business Card: A business card is a traditional medium of contact information about a person or organization. This is the element of the corporate style of the company that has become the most familiar in working and daily life.

PHOTOGRAPHY: In a broader sense, photography is the art of obtaining photographs, where the main creative process is to find and select the composition, lighting and the moment (or moments) of the photograph.

3D: 3D-modeling is the process of creating a three-dimensional model of an object. The task of 3D modeling is to develop a visual 3D image of the desired object. Using 3D graphics, you can create an exact copy of a specific object.

Layout – editing the layouts of the original layout from the constituent elements: typed text, headings, tables, illustrations, ornaments, etc. Also the result of this process, that is, finished strips.

THE CALENDAR: Corporate calendar is an effective means of forming the company’s image. Such a calendar is both a reflection of the firm’s philosophy, and food for the mind, and unobtrusive advertising, and just a thing to look at.

ANIMATION: Computer animation – sequential display (slideshow) of pre-prepared graphic files, as well as computer simulation of movement by changing (and redrawing) the shape of objects or displaying sequential images with the phases of motion.

Brand book:  a guide to managing corporate identity. This document contains a list of all the carriers of the corporate identity with all the necessary recommendations for their correct use.

DRAWING: Drawing, or academic drawing – the type of graphics and the basis of all types of fine art. Without knowledge of the basics of academic drawing, an artist cannot competently work on an artwork.

INTERIORS: Interior design (interior design) is a design branch aimed at interior of premises in order to provide convenience and aesthetically pleasing interaction of the environment with people. Interior design combines artistic and industrial design.

FACADE DESIGN: Advertising decoration of the facade is a complete solution, including the design of the entrance group, the facade, the frieze, the storefronts. Correctly made advertising facade speaks of your business the first word for you. Therefore, it is very important that both the facade and advertising entrance groups of your building are at a high level.

EXHIBITION STAND: Exhibition stand is a creative solution that allows increasing brand awareness and increasing customer loyalty towards any brand. It does not matter what you offer – your own products or a specific type of service, the stand will help you to express yourself!

SIGNBOARD: A signboard is an indispensable element of the visual design of a store or company, this is the first impression of a client about a company, it is part of image positioning and, most importantly, it is advertising that can work for you around the clock.

LEAFLET: Advertising flyers are the most effective way to lighten briefly and informatively the necessary information and win the attention of the consumer. Depending on the task, the design of leaflets can be informational or image-like.

Flyer: is an economical way to inform an audience that is not yet familiar with your company, products or services. In the same way, the flyer is used as a way to convey information about passing promotions and discounts to the masses.

MARKETING-KIT: A marketing kit is a marketing presentation of your product / service or your company as a whole. The key word here is “selling”, because the goal is not to inform and not give something to read, namely to sell.

VIDEO: An advertising video is a visualized means of communication, designed to interest the viewer with its content, which prompts you to purchase or use a product or service. Commercial – is aimed at encouraging to make a specific purchase in a certain place. Image – is designed to create a positive attitude towards a certain brand, product, make it recognizable.

Visual identification: The visual identity is a reflection of the vision, values ​​and strategic goals of the company. The generated identity makes the work of the company more efficient, and its image is integral. A well-developed system of visual identity of the brand can be transferred to any sphere of interaction between the consumer and the brand, allowing you to recall it without a direct indication of the name and sign.

Graphic arts: The art of depicting objects with lines and strokes, without colors. A kind of fine art, using lines, strokes, spots and dots as the main visual means.

NEWSPAPER: The design of the newspaper is her face, and the more beautiful and attractive this person is, the greater the chance that the buyer will not just appreciate it, but also want to get this newspaper in his possession.

BOOKLET: Since the booklet is information and advertising medium, its task is to briefly and informatively inform the reader about the products or services of the company. Advertising and information brochures can be devoted to the brand, one or several kinds of goods, or event.

NAMING: Naming is the process of developing a name for a company, product or service. Name development implies an integrated approach.

RE BRANDING: Re branding is a complex of measures to change a brand, or its components (name, logo, and corporate style). Simply put, re branding is a brand renewal.

JOURNAL: The design of the magazine is fundamental when creating not only a new magazine, but also each of its numbers. Design magazine as the main component of the image of the publication must meet the highest requirements, emphasizing the value and uniqueness of its content.

CARD: A great way to prove the seriousness of your intentions and show respect to customers? that postcard. The design of postcards, unlike other kinds of printing products, is based on the manifestation of emotions that must be conveyed on paper.

BRANDING: The purpose of branding is to create a clear image of the brand and a clear formation of the direction of communications. Branding includes work on market research, product positioning, brand name creation, descriptor, slogan, visual and verbal identification systems.

PAINTING: This is a subject of art, the main purpose of which is to please the human eye, bringing him SPIRITUAL and MORAL satisfaction from owning and admiring it. Individual order of the picture, will ensure full compliance with your tastes and fantasies.

POSTER: Advertising poster – this is one of the most common and effective ways of posting information and advertising. A bright, conspicuous poster attracts attention well, helping not only to increase the number of your customers, but also to expand opportunities for establishing new contacts.

3D MODELING: 3D-modeling is the process of creating a three-dimensional model of an object. The task of 3D modeling is to develop a visual 3D image of the desired object. Using 3D graphics, you can create an exact copy of a specific object.

BANNER: A banner is a design on which advertising is located, or a brief information about the organization. Information signs are more often installed by companies near their location for indicating the address and main information.

CATALOG: The design of the catalog is designed to convey to the target audience the maximum of necessary and useful information about the brand, its concept and positioning, and also to talk about the assortment of its goods and services in the most acceptable, easy to perceive form.

COVER: The cover of your publication, like the content, must be executed in one style, which will “travel” from room to room. This will allow the reader to get used to the image of the magazine, and by design to find it in newspaper kiosks and at exhibitions.

LABEL: Any label is a business card of production, after all the first sight of the buyer falls on it. That is why it is worth paying special attention to the development of label design.

COPYRIGHTING: Copy writing is a professional activity in writing advertising and presentation texts. These can be considered all texts that directly or indirectly promote or popularize the goods, company, and service.

PACKAGING: The design of packaging is the most important, to date, condition for the successful sale of any product. From a simple means for moving and storing, packaging has long turned into a powerful tool for communicating the brand with the consumer. Packaging is the face of your brand in the eyes of the final buyer.

VISUALIZATION: The design of outdoor advertising generally consists of a general conceptual design solution and a layout for production. During the visualization of outdoor advertising and binding to photography in special graphics programs, complex design, design, combination of elements, proportions and sizes of advertising media are worked out, the idea of ​​the entire design is displayed.