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Outsource Fraud Detection Software Development Service

We can develop fraud detection software for your company. We propose a methodology for detecting dishonest employees, including methods for determining non-standard human behavior, as well as analytical measures that establish the fact of a suspicious operation.

Any company may be subject to internal fraud, and if these risks are not minimized, it will incur not only the direct material, but also indirect damage in the form of loss of partners, the deterioration of goodwill. Why do employees steal, take bribes and kickbacks.


There are many reasons. Thus, most economic crimes are committed by workers who are accustomed to living beyond their means or having financial difficulties. No less dangerous people are dissatisfied with the actions of the leader or colleagues. Seeking to compensate for the moral or material damage caused, they can use their official position to implement fraudulent schemes.

Potential threats are employees who in parallel have their own business in a similar sphere of activity or intend to create it. They can use the company’s databases to develop their own business. To gain access to confidential documents of the company, criminals are sometimes ready to agree to any easily accessible position. For example, service personnel may have uncontrolled access to primary documents and contracts left on desktops, as well as to files on unlocked computers.

Check counterparty any employee can steal, hurt a company – even the most, at first glance, positive, dedicated to their business. To find a fraudster, you need to develop a comprehensive methodology. It should be based on general observations that detect ambiguity in the behavior of employees, as well as purely analytical measures that establish the fact of a suspicious operation. In addition, the main reasons and methods for implementing fraudulent schemes are revealed in the course of official investigations.