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FM Radio AD Making Company in Bangladesh

Weprosys Limited is the leading FM Radio AD Making Company in Bangladesh. For you our price is very low, which allows you to increase your own profit. Understanding that often the customer requires the immediate result, we give you the opportunity to get a video clip ready for broadcast as soon as possible.

Guided by the schedule of arrival of speakers for recording, in order to have time to send a Production of audio advertising. Production of radio advertising, voice advertising. Our studio has an automatic order management system tied to the site, so the orders that you sent through the form on the site are processed and executed first.

Announcer, voice narration, audio advertising, radio spots, voice text, the announcer online download, Voice-base

Studio of radio advertising “Weprosys”

Making radio spots. Voiceover voices. Record voice greetings and corporate answering machines.

Production of audio clips for radio and shopping centers

The complexity of the production of audio clips does not affect the cost. The price includes recording of one speaker, installation, sound design, sending to the customer. We only work on ready-made scripts!

The complexity of the production of the audio does not affect its value. The price depends on the chosen speakers participating in the recording of the video and their quantity.

Radio commercials for shopping centers

Radio commercials for shopping centers are the same as regular radio commercials, but recorded with regard to the broadcast in a shopping center through a warning system.

The usual radio spot in the shopping center does not always sound right due to the specific equipment and extraneous sounds.

When ordering a video, do not forget to indicate that it will be broadcast not on the radio, but in the shopping center, so that we produce a radio spot taking into account the specifics of such a broadcast. It will not affect the cost.

Speaker voices:

The cost and price of the announcer’s voice on advertising from the Weprosys Studio. FM – 3-4 takes to read your text without the musical background and effects. Movie you will mount yourself.

Voice announcer one archive At your request, we can process the recorded voice of the announcer using the primary processing means. Also, you can get the votes of actors in the “Raw” form – without any intervention. Voice processing – for free, that is, the price of the voice of the announcer will not change.

Air design

The studio of radio advertising “Weprosys” offers services on the design of radio broadcasting stations and recording actors for the elements of the air. The exact cost of the work can be named after negotiations with the actor.

Choose a suitable announcer – listen to examples of announcer voices

Broadcast design element

– text included in a single sweeper, ID or promo.

Also, we make radio spots for shopping centers.

The cost of making jingles air design 5-10 thousand

voice greeting voice greeting | a record

– one of the activities of the studio Weprosys

A voice greeting for an answering machine is the first thing that a customer encounters when calling a company, so it should sound nice and clear. We have extensive experience in recording voice greetings and content for IVR systems (Interactive Voice Response – Interactive Voice Information and Reference System).

The price for recording a voice greeting depends on the volume of the order (from 500 Taka for one sound element).

These messages consist of a voice menu.

When choosing a speaker for a voice greeting, consider the peculiarities of your company. Rely on who your potential customer is (gender, age, preferences). You need to pick up the speaker, whose voice and intonation will be the most pleasant for listening to your partners in the phone.