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Financial Analysis Services

The financial analysis service includes the process of studying the main indicators that allow assessing the state of the enterprise, its financial stability, detect changes in the financial state at a certain time interval, and implement the forecast of such changes.

The need to order a financial audit service in an organization is explained by the importance of choosing the optimal ways for financial flows in the organization, the need to form a forward-looking financial policy that allows the organization’s management to build long-term plans for its development.


The purpose of financial analysis – obtaining in the course of research the most capacities reflecting the state of the organization parameters and developing on their basis a plan for financial recovery of the enterprise – is achieved through the implementation of our experts a number of tasks:

-Review of financial statements

-Profit and profitability analysis

-Analysis of current and non-current assets

-Analysis of the ratio of own and borrowed capital

The result of financial analysis services is the development of measures to improve the financial condition of the organization.

To the financial instruments used by the specialists of WEPROSYS LTD. in certain situations in order to improve the organization’s status include:

-Raising additional funds through issuing bonds and shares

-Realization of factoring operations

-Debt restructuring

-Development of a system of indicators to monitor changes in key financial indicators

The financial audit service also includes the study of the external environment of the organization, in the implementation of which special attention is paid to the activities of competitors in the financial market, monitoring the price dynamics of services and products that are of interest to the client company, tracking changes in the value of securities, interest rates on loans.

In addition to taking measures to ensure the financial stability of the enterprise, the results of financial analysis are necessary for the formation of reporting on the state of the enterprise. Consumers of such information are a fairly wide range of stakeholders. It includes:

-Owners interested in maximizing the effectiveness of the use of their assets

-Investors who assess the outlook for incomes and threats of risks

-Credit organizations, suppliers and contractors, also seeking to minimize the likelihood of losing money.

According to the financial analysis services, you will receive:

-Increase in investment from old sources

-Increase in new investment

-Systematized data on the financial condition of the company, which will help to solve various tasks for more efficient company activities

The future possibilities of the organization in matters relating to, for example, the attraction of additional funds and resources, to short-term and long-term financing of enterprises, largely depend on the quality of the financial analysis service. Based on the results of the financial analysis, a decision is made and motivated to pay and the amount of cash allocated to pay dividends to shareholders, if the company is a JSC. Therefore, financial analysis services should be ordered only from reliable and reliable specialists who have not worked in this field for a number of years. The company “WEPROSYS LTD.” has long established itself; we are trusted by hundreds of customers. We will be happy if you join them!


-Evaluation of the state of finance.

-Determination of positive trends, stable performance indicators for the analyzed periods.

-Identification of indicators that adversely affect the state of the company’s finances.

-Identifying opportunities for improving the state of finance and further development, forecasting future prospects.

-Developing activities that can improve the state of finances, programs to withdraw enterprises from the crisis (if necessary).

Financial analysis may involve the examination of all important performance indicators of an organization or a part of the indicators, if this is sufficient to solve the above tasks. The following indicators are carefully studied and analyzed:

-Structure of the balance of the enterprise.

-Structure of production costs.

-Stability, liquidity of the enterprise.

-Parameters of capital turnover.

-Parameters of return on equity.

-Parameters of labor productivity.

As part of the assessment of the market value of the business, the experts determine the price of all existing assets: real estate, land plots, equipment and inventory, raw materials and products, as well as intangible assets.


In assessing the state of the company’s finances, not only its manager or owner is interested. Reliable information about the level of liquidity and profitability of the enterprise, its development prospects may be required by business partners, investors and creditors. In this regard, financial analysis is divided into 2 main types: external and internal. Each of them pursues its goals, and the methods and approaches of the research are also different:

Internal financial analysis: Its main goal is to assess the state of finances, study the causes, the changes that occur, and develop measures to improve the financial situation. Internal analysis is carried out for managers of enterprises and assumes a detailed approach to the study of indicators: in addition to standard accounting reports, data of internal management accounting are often used. Within the framework of this type of analysis, the activities of the company as a whole, its separate units are examined.

External financial analysis: It is more superficial and is focused on obtaining open financial information about the company. The results of the survey are used by business partners, creditors and investors to make a decision on acquiring, investing, signing long-term contracts or implementing other plans for the enterprise. Since users of external analysis are in a position of choice, with which of the companies being surveyed it is worthwhile to conduct business, the external analysis often focuses on comparative methods of research on the main indicators.

Financial analysis is classified according to other criteria. So, in the direction of research, it can be divided into retrospective and perspective, by the nature of carrying out – for investment, technical, special, etc. Regardless of the purpose (users) for which an assessment of the financial condition of the enterprise is required, and what data is used to conduct it, the assistance of highly qualified, experienced specialists is needed.


-Complex financial analysis of the enterprise;

-Analysis of the structure of the balance of the enterprise

-Cash flow analysis;

-Consulting on any issues related to financial analysis;

-The analysis of efficiency of use of property and the basic means of the enterprise;

-Development, analysis and implementation of business plans (in our company you can not only order development, but also buy a ready-made business plan for a product, project or production development);

-Development of financial recovery plans and anti-crisis management strategy.