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Outsource Finance & Accounting Services

Accounting is a complex, complicated labyrinth of knowledge. In this labyrinth of knowledge, there are many contradictory opinions and disputes. The exit from this labyrinth is an easy balance, low taxes, the absence of additional taxes, the absence of fines, and the absence of state extortionists. You can independently walk through this labyrinth, long and with great losses making its way to the exit.    You can hire an accountant from us

The peculiarity of doing business is that workers may be required to organize the production process, which does not bring income. For example, a staff chief accountant only requires financial expenses for its maintenance, and at the same time, there is no actual profit from its activities. However, it must be remembered that without proper accounting, the company simply will not be able to function.


At the same time, it turns out; there is a very real alternative that allows an enterprise not only to save money, but also to get some benefit in terms of increasing free time resources. This alternative is accounting outsourcing, outsourcing of accounting services. If you look at the economic dictionary, you can find that the modern interpretation of the term “Outsourcing” sounds like the transfer of traditional functions of the enterprise to external executors, for example, specialized companies that professionally carry out accounting. The main goal, which is achieved with the hiring of professional specialized subcontractors – is to increase the indicator of reliability and business efficiency.

Owing to the fact that high-level professional specialists work in outsourcing companies, it is possible to eliminate all errors in accounting, reduce the risks associated with taxation, and, thereby, improve the reliability of accounting as such. Qualitative accounting service is the guarantee of successful work of the enterprise. In the list of services that can be transferred to professional accounting services to outside organizations, there is not only accounting. For example, a client enterprise can order an outsourcing contractor to analyze the conduct of financial and economic activities, and then optimize the tax burden, or ask for a transfer to another tax system and so on.

Responsibility for all possible errors in the services rendered falls entirely on the employees of the outsourced specialized organization. If even the liability is limited by the term of the contract, it still does not end with its termination. The outsourcing organization is fully responsible for the accounting and tax reporting and actions taken during the period of the contract’s eligibility, even after the contract expires. To ensure that the organization or restoration of accounting has gone smoothly, the process must deal with professionals. The enterprise-customer (or entrepreneur) is fully insured against possible misunderstandings related to errors in the conduct of accounting and tax accounting. Errors in the work of an outsourced specialized organization are extremely rare,o

Our accounting outsourcing noticeably and favorably differs from most other companies:

Internet Accounting –

Increase the mobility of your company’s employees, reduce your costs

Online Services –

Operational accounting, tax, personnel accounting in real time

Remote server –

A unified information environment for management and other data with the ability to manage customer relations and trade through 1C, protect your data from loss, daily backups

Confidentiality –

A personal approach to the client, access is distributed over the sections of the accounting records, limited access is limited

Of course, we have the best specialists; work for them is not a burden, but a pleasure in the realization of their knowledge. Our team of experts is the Internet community, the minimum time lost in the chain task-Internet readiness, the best organization of free work of the best accounting professionals.

Accounting services

Features of accounting services today

Today almost every person can afford to open their own business, which will be beneficial. This became possible due to all the processes that occur in the economic life of our country. Now any person, be it a property division lawyer, or an auto mechanic with unique abilities, can open his own business and start developing it in the way that he sees this process.

Of course, not everyone can imagine the whole way of development of the enterprise from the registration of a legal entity and to its liquidation in connection with any problems. Not all novice businessmen can also imagine the amount of personnel that will be needed. And this is quite obvious in the event that such an expert refers himself to technical workers.

It is because of this ignorance that a large number of enterprises are closed. In fact, if there is a competent accountant in the company, then it is simply not wise to be afraid of various checks. This can only be relevant if the accountant simply does not exist, and his function is performed by a secretary, manager or any other employee. Fortunately, today it is possible to organize the maintenance of your company by an accountant even without direct presence in the office. This may seem surprising, but the development of cloud technologies now allows you to even prepare all accounting documents on the Internet. This method is very convenient, because you can hire a specialist who will work remotely.

Do not doubt that all these documents will be absolutely correctly composed, because the service used implies the presence of a large number of standard forms. As a result of such simplifications, it is becoming easier and easier to conduct business, which contributes to the development of new companies. As is known, it is the development of a large number of small enterprises that moves our economy forward and allows us to increase the volume of GDP, which depends entirely on the number of products produced by all economic entities. No wonder that the leaders of our country resolve such unique innovations that really facilitate the whole process of doing business. Do not forget that it is not necessary to hire your staff accountant; our company is ready to prepare all accounting documents promptly and cheaper than one accountant.

Accounting services are cheaper than one accountant:

accounting services, accounting support operational accounting services including accounting, tax accounting, inventory management and personnel accounting in real time online;

Operational preparation and printing of primary documents on a printer in your office or anywhere on the planet;

Online payment through the Internet bank and control of costs on your mobile phone;

Prompt input of large arrays of primary documents;

Operative electronic delivery of tax and accounting reports to the Tax inspectorate, FIU, FSS.

Operational control of the tax and accounting statements submitted, personal accounts on settlements with the budget for taxes;

Prompt assistance to your accountant on accounting of any sections of the working chart of accounts, on the preparation of financial statements.

Our accounting services and support includes:

Maintaining (restoring) accounting:

-Accounting of authorized capital;

-The account of bank operations;

-Accounting for cash transactions;

-Accounting for settlements with suppliers;

-Accounting for settlements with customers;

-Accounting of fixed assets;

-Accounting for goods and materials;

-Accounting for costs of production and output of finished products;

-Accounting for depreciation of fixed assets;

-Accounting for the use of material resources;

-Accounting for labor costs;

-Accounting for future expenses;

-Accounting of costs for payment of bank loans;

-Accounting for the output of finished products;

-Accounting for the sale of finished products;

-Accounting for financial results;

-Formation of books of accounting:

-Book of purchases;

-Book of sales;

-The register of invoices issued;

-A register of received invoices;

-Cash book;

-Cashier’s report;

-Settlement and payroll;

-Book of income and expenses;

-Cards on income accounting and personal income tax;

-Insurance premium account cards;

-Preparation of accounting and tax reporting:

-Accounting reporting (balance sheet, profit and loss account, etc.);

-Tax reporting;

-Reports to funds;

-Submission of accounting and tax reporting to the IFNS:

-Delivery of accounting reports through the Internet-accounts department;

-Submission of tax reports;

-Delivery of certificates of income PL;

-Filing in FUNDS:

-Personalized accounting;

-Submission of reports to the Authority;

-Protection during inspections:

-A desk check in the IFNS;

-A desk audit in the fund;

-Field inspection at the enterprise;


-Changes in legislation;

-Definition of taxable base;

-Minimization of taxes;