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Film editing services

Weprosys Ltd. has the latest and most innovative editing programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, including Premiere, After Effects and Audition. This complete package allows you to work on all fronts of editing a Film.

Specifically, we initially deal with choosing the best scenes from those shot during production. The scenes are arranged following the indications of the screenplay and the director, who will be able to give the appropriate cut for each kind of film and following a precise narrative sequence.


Once the footage is dried and filed, our editors will proceed to Color Correction, to adjust the tones, brightness and contrasts of the Film image. For a specific job we make use of the DaVinci Resolve Film editing program, especially used for this operation that requires great professionalism and skill in color calibration.

At this point, according to stylistic choices, we can play with the Film image by dividing it into boxes, applying transitions between one clip and another, choosing to make only a scene in black and white or distorting the image.

Audio editing:

Once the Film work is finished, our technicians will take care of the sound editing, synchronizing the audio captured by our professional microphones during production with the Film shot by the cameras, leveling it to the right volume.

In addition to the sound captured on stage, we can add a voice over or voiceover, that is the narrative voice that tells the film, an extra diegetic noise not audible by the characters but only by the viewer.

To this we will add the soundtracks and sound effects, the extra diegetic sounds that will give color and suspense to the film, appropriate and carefully chosen for any type of scene, be it romantic or adventurous. We will insert the noise of traffic or a locomotive, or a moving music suitable for the right occasion.

Special effects:

As already mentioned, our Film agency does not only take care of the Film and audio of your film, but is also interested in creating special effects.

Whether they are spectacular, or amazing without being excessive, thanks to the professional program Adobe Creative Cloud After Effects, we will create magical effects to say the least, how to create a fire, animate an object or create something non-existent like the King Kong of 1933, created exclusively with the technique of step one, so well done that it seems true.

Our compositions will allow us to create universes, to make snow, to set fire, to create laser swords and much more. With our special effects we will be able to amaze you and make your fantasies come true. Even the most bizarre.

The titrations:

Once the Film and audio editing is complete, we will add the titrations .The opening credits are used to present the main figures who worked on the film, such as the director, the actors, the cinematographer, the sound engineer. These can be superimposed on the initial scenes of the film, accompanied by the soundtrack, or superimposed on a solid background, usually black.

The credits instead will take care of thanking and naming the whole crew and the collaborations that took place to make the film, without neglecting anyone. You can use the scroll-text effect to scroll the credits on a black background or superimpose them on drawings as in cartoons, or even alongside the “ducks”, the mistakes made during the shoot. This would allow the viewer to peek behind the scenes of the work done.

In addition we can also add subtitles for dialect or foreign parts, or signs between one scene and another. With After Effects we will also be able to compose animated texts, which roll, move, change color, disappear and reappear, become longer and shorter. Written of any font and size and thanks to latest generation plug-ins available by our technicians, we will be able to recreate titles for a Hollywood cinema effect.

Teaser and trailer

A film is not a movie without the trailer! Weprosys Ltd. does not leave your feature film at the mercy of itself, but elaborates what, in less than a minute will be able to capture the attention of the public and convince him to watch the film: the trailer.

Delicate task of our fitters will be to choose the right scenes to attract the viewer, without lying to him and without telling him anything. You cannot camouflage an adventurous romantic movie. It is necessary to reveal a little unbalanced, to show compelling scenes to intrigue.

The teaser or teaser, are even more complex than the trailer and not easy to make. They are a single sentence or image and last a few seconds. But in those few images the viewer must understand whether or not it is worthwhile to see the film. With our agency your trailers or teasers will make it clear that it’s really worth it!


Once all the editing is finished, all that remains is to export, in all the formats necessary for the distribution of your film. We export to DVD, Blu-Ray, YouTube, Vimeo, televisions, projectors, mobile phones and much more.

In addition to this, our agency also deals with the creation of artistic covers for DVD cases. A work followed from beginning to end.