Extraordinary experiences 3D product configurators

Extraordinary experiences 3D product configurators

Extraordinary experiences 3D product configurators. What is the power of visual product configurators? Imagine a product that is available in over 1,500 different color combinations and variants. You can imagine what happens to the warehouse of a business that is bursting at the seams. That will never work! Then what…? Online selling is a big part of the solution. Of course, you have several options without having a large warehouse. Of course, many customers want to see what you buy. “What does the red look like combined with black?” Or: “I want a variant with stripes?” An online product configurator is the solution.


3D product configurators are primarily used when additional visualization of components or products is required for the user. These range from 3D configurators for end-user use to in-house 3D configurators for distribution, assembly or connected distributors.

Product configurators are an irreplaceable sales tool. On the one hand, they offer the user fun in the configuration of the product and thus create a positive experience of the markets and the product. Furthermore, information can be prepared in a targeted manner and made available to the customer. But 3D configurators can not only be used for individual product design. 3D configurators also help with rule-compliant installation, correct calculation and improve the usability of the user when it comes to the configuration of multi-variant products. It is often up to the customer to imagine the finished end product in a room with different characteristics. This does not match the characteristics that a dynamic and personalized service provider should provide to its potential customers. With a 3D product configurator you are exactly in this gap and offer the customer already in the initiation of cooperation a significant added value and secure a long-term advantage in the competition.

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