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Explanatory Video Production Services

Explanatory Video Production Services. The Explanatory video is the best video marketing strategy used as an introduction to the business of companies adding a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80% since it can guide the audience directly to the sale.

Studies show that 74% of people who watched an explanatory video about a product consequently bought it. If static images can increase engagement massively imagine what your business can cause to use moving images.

Weprosys Ltd. is an online video marketing tool that will allow you to create and share explanatory and customized marketing videos easily and quickly. With more than 80 video business templates ready to customize and illustrate your product or service you have the tools to communicate better with your audience.


Unlimited Downloads

You can download your videos as Mp4 files unlimited times. Also you can share your creations directly from our platform on Facebook Twitter or upload your videos to YouTube.

Create a professional video for your business in minutes with Weprosys Ltd.

Edit one of the 100% editable Weprosys Ltd. video templates or create your own video from scratch. Use objects and music from our libraries or upload your own images logos and animated GIFs to produce videos in minutes.

There is a type of video that has been used for some time now on the Internet and in many cases are the ideal medium and the fastest way to capture the attention of potential consumers. This type of video is so common that you can find it on the websites of recently launched companies on sites of established companies (large or small) on blogs I tell you wherever you want regardless of the type of business or activity or whether it is physical (offline) or digital (online).

What is an Explainer Video?

The Explainer Videos are similar to a PowerPoint presentation but with more muscle and adrenaline. Like a PowerPoint presentation its mission its purpose is to report as quickly and easily as possible. The Explainer Videos achieve their goal of explaining something to viewers in just 2-3 minutes. That is why they are almost always very fun and enjoyable which makes them very attractive.

To capture the attention of viewers the Explainer Videos use a combination of simple design with colorful and sometimes weird or weird elements. Once the attention has been captured. The idea is presented. This way of presenting ideas is very effective and if you are not already using it you should then learn to do it immediately.

Why is it so important to start using Explainer Videos?

There are a lot of ideas that are presented in a traditional and boring way and that viewers have not even reached the middle of the explanation and are already moving their interest and attention in another direction that is the level of retention is very low For example.

Let’s say you just launched a new product on the market nobody knows it so you create a website to promote it. You have not done anything out of the ordinary I have even created a beautiful page explaining what is your product and all its benefits. The problem every time someone interested comes to the page needs to have about thirty minutes to read everything about your wonderful product. Do you really think that people have so much time today? If you even had the opportunity to speak in person with anyone who is interested you would need perhaps an hour for the explanation. Can you imagine how many sales you could lose daily?

The audience can easily have 2-3 minutes to understand what you are explaining and if it is of interest then they may want more information and finally make the purchase.

In short an Explainer Video can help you improve your site’s SEO (CTR) improve conversion rate brand recognition and more. Most of the Explainer Videos end up being shared more than once on social networks.

If you still think that the Explainer Videos are for companies or to put them on your homepage or on any Landing Page I have to tell you then that it is not like that. The Explainer Videos have been used by large and small companies for meetings bloggers to start campaigns seminars speakers’ charitable organizations educational material and many more arenas.