Experienced architectural animation inside and out

Experienced architectural animation inside and out

Architectural visualization describes the visualization of construction projects and architectural projects, as well as the acquisition in the real estate sector. In addition, the architectural animation supports architects and engineers in competition proceedings in order to visualize their ideas in an emotionally appealing way. The 3D visualization should make the vision of the architect and planner emotionally tangible and create an impressive atmosphere through the interplay of attention to detail, materials and light.


Depending on the objective and requirement, the focus is on this. The real estate visualization usually has a clear visual language as well as a photorealistic materiality. When visualizing a competition, on the other hand, it depends on an appealing lighting mood and a certain degree of abstraction. In this way one develops the optimal picture.

An animation consists of four different work steps.

  1. Modeling

– Geometries and Shapes

  1. Animation

– Motion and Lighting

  1. Rendering

– Calculation of Movies

  1. Film Editing / Audio Design

– Logos, Music and Corrections

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