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Event Management Company Bangladesh

Weprosys Limited is the leading Event Management Company in Bangladesh. Weprosys is an event-agency with such important advantages as unique content and the right audience. We provide event management services to companies from completely different fields and with different levels of reputation. Among our clients there are well-known companies, and very young brands, just starting their development.

We provide services for a variety of business events. More successful projects prove our competence and experience in organizing events, as well as in the selection of speakers. Conference Center “Event” works with partners and speakers various countries.


Weprosys Limited “Event” is an event agency that provides professional and comprehensive services for organizing and conducting various events in Bangladesh, in the all-Region and in cities. According to the client’s specifications, our event agency creates an exclusive event with an individual concept, scenario and high level of organization.

The company “Weprosys Limited” – united in itself three projects: the event agency “Weprosys Event”, the wedding agency “Wepro Wedding”, the design studio and the festive printing industry “Weprosys Design” we have been conducting our professional activities in organizing and conducting events since 2019. And the leading direction of the company is the professional organization of various event events in Bangladesh, All region and the cities of Bangladesh, in particular large-scale and large ones.

We know how important the upcoming event is for you, and we respect your requirements for organizing and holding your event! The service of our Event Agency will allow you to live in the same rhythm as we create your high-profile holiday or large-scale business event at a professional level.

Colossal experience in organizing major events, a strong team of event agencies, proven and talented contractors, and knowledge of all the “pitfalls” of the industry event – we do not stand still and are always improving! Each of us is constantly growing and developing in its own specialization in order to be even more professional in the preparation, organization and conduct of your successful and major events. In Bangladesh, in the event market there is a problem of lack of ideas and a personal approach to the client, and we came to solve these problems. Our event agency has something to say and show the Bangladesh event market!

We understand and feel the client better than other event companies. We hear the client and feel his goals, desires. This feature allows us to create events that accurately. Meet the needs and expectations of the customer. Regardless – it is the organization of a major event or a small event.

Our Event Agency is always striving to create something special, exclusive and unique from concept and style to the scenario of the event. We are always “in the subject” of new trends, exclusive solutions, new technologies for professional organization and holding various events in Bangladesh in its major cities like Dhaka, Chittagong and many more.

We pay maximum attention to each customer, his wishes. We use a personal and professional approach in preparing, organizing and conducting various events. We respect the time of the customer, so we work efficiently and on time. Each organizer Event Agency is improved in its specialization

(The organization of celebrations, the organization of conferences, the organization of concert events, etc.).We try to exceed expectations in organizing and conducting various events, and we succeed!