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Outsource Engineering Services

Weprosys Ltd.’s Engineering BPO solution offers customers a way to reduce costs by stimulating innovation through design outsourcing. Weprosys Ltd. pioneered the concept of outsourcing engineering services to help customers overcome the challenges of growing pressure to develop new products at lower costs and bring them to market faster.

Weprosys Ltd.’s Engineering BPO Services solution encompasses the entire life cycle, from the design of the concept to production and service. Weprosys Ltd. is able to expand the company’s engineering staff, reducing costs, partly by absorbing the variability of staff needs in the product development life cycle. We also provide our customers with access to local talent and experts to help make products more attractive to different or emerging markets.

Our Core Engineering Services Includes:
Mechanical Engineering

-Cad Conversion Services

-2d Drafting Services

-3d Modeling & Rendering Services

-Reverse Engineering Services

-Autocad Conversion

-Fea Services

-3d Product Animation Services

-Plant Design Management System

Structural Engineering Design

-High Rise Structures Design & Analysis

-Industrial Structures Design & Analysis

-Custom Homes Design & Analysis

-Retrofitting & Rehabilitation of Structures

-Finite Element Modeling & Analysis

-Peer Review Services

-Engineering Transcription Using Mathcad

Architectural Engineering Services

-Architectural Drafting & Detailing (Cad)

-Millwork Drawings

-3d Architectural Walkthroughs

-Building Information Model (Bim)

-Landscape Design & Drafting

-Retail Space Drafting & Design

-3d Rendering Services

-Sketchup Modeling Services

Civil Engineering Services

-Paper to Cad Conversion Services

-Construction Drawing Services

-Land Development Design Services

-Construction Cost Estimation Services

-Mep Design & Drafting Services

-Hvac Services

-Geospatial Services

Electrical Engineering Services

-Electrical Instrumentation Services

-Electrical Design & Layout Services

-PCB Design & Layout Services

-Control System Architecture

-Engineering Diagrams & Technical Drawings

-Field Instrument Location Services

-Installation & Calibration of Electrical Equipment and Power Distribution

Weprosys Ltd. Engineering BPO services can help companies achieve high performance in many ways:

-Cost reduction. Our global network and extensive BPO expertise help companies reduce costs while maintaining high quality engineering services.

-Greater speed of introduction on the market. Weprosys Ltd. offers exceptional operational efficiencies through the re-use of cutting-edge practices and solutions.

-Access to certified experts. Weprosys Ltd. offers engineering skills with extensive experience and in-depth market knowledge that help customers expand on global markets while responding to local needs.

-Constant commitment to innovation. We are already on the road to the next generation of faster and less expensive solutions, and at the same time we help our customers define the next generation of innovations and new industry achievements.

-Continuous collaboration. Weprosys Ltd. is not a simple “supplier” of services; we offer our experience and knowledge in the context of a long-term relationship, becoming a real contributor to our customers.


Why choose Weprosys Ltd.

With over 10 years of experience to its credit, Weprosys Ltd. is one of the world’s leading outsourcing companies.

Trusted supplier dedicated to your success. Weprosys Ltd. has a long history of success in helping customers reduce operating costs, launch new products more quickly in the market, and improve productivity. In every contract we commit ourselves to the utmost to bring the engineering works excellent results and to help our customers achieve their business goals.

Deep experience in the sector. Weprosys Ltd.’s Engineering BPO solution provides services to customers across a broad range of industries and can count on Weprosys Ltd.’s extensive consulting experience in virtually any industry.

Robust controls. Effective governance structures, program management and a robust intellectual property protection infrastructure (ISO certified) offer our customers the security that their resources and investments are protected.

Integrated consulting experience. The organization dedicated to providing Engineering BPO services works closely with our engineering consulting teams, offering customers the best of both worlds: operational and strategic excellence.

Flexible business models. Our contracts are formulated according to flexibility criteria in order to take account of changing market conditions and be able to commit ourselves to achieve tangible results together with our customers.

Industrialized delivery capacity, execution of a higher level. Weprosys Ltd. uses state-of-the-art industrialized solutions and tools to provide a consistent, integrated and adaptable service.

Our company offers a range of services for engineering support, development and manufacturing of process equipment. This service is aimed at the implementation of any stages of engineering projects, both in the format of complex proposals and individual types of work within the framework of project implementation.

The Weprosys Ltd Engineer Company manages projects at all stages of their life cycle, including:

-Engineering surveys and design;

-Production and installation works;

-Commissioning works;

-Individual testing and complex testing of equipment;


-Warranty service.

Having a high level of qualification, as well as a wide experience in the field of implementation and maintenance of engineering systems, our specialists will perform tasks of any complexity. We coordinate all the components of the work process and execute them at the highest level. This means that all our clients get a high-quality and fast implementation of all the tasks set. The main thing for us is that the organization, which became our customer, was satisfied with its choice.