Emotion and perfection in virtual space

Emotion and perfection in virtual space

Emotion and perfection in virtual space. Plan, visualize , present and configure! Keywords that are nowadays indispensable in the field of interior design . Absolutely in vogue are Computer Generated Images (CGI). More and more manufacturers are using CGIs to introduce and configure their product range. Sound and movie effects can enhance the kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces emotionally. With CGI, space worlds on the screen can be perfectly staged and varied.

The innovative technology creates a new freedom of design for industry and trade . Digital assistants at the point of sale allow the salesman to demonstrate execution and color variants to his customer with the tap of a finger. As it befits up-to-date IT, the programs are fully networked and integrated, because software looks old after a few years, if it is not permanently updated. The retail sales force and also the customers surround themselves in a private environment with user-friendly apps and fresh features. Since the planning software with their look and feel may not raise dusty memories of the 1980s and 1990s.


Another highlight that inspires the seller and his customers equally: the three-dimensional planning in real time. The outdated technology of earlier years only allowed to generate a 3D view from a two-dimensional design. Today one works from the outset in three-dimensional space with just such objects. You can – at any time in the 3D view – change, move, insert or completely replace it on the screen using drag-and-drop. From the rigid arrangement of individual elements with constant change between 2D and 3D, a consistent spatial planning has developed. Atmospheric light gives the presentation a mood of the day and creates an additional emotional component that triggers enthusiasm among the customer and awakens a desire to buy.

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