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Embedded Software Development

Weprosys Ltd. provide best Embedded Software Development services. Using the TASKING firmware in Altium Designer, you can write, compile, assemble and compose applications for several purposes, such as TSK5x / TSK52x, TSOOx, TSK165x, PowerPC, TSK3000, MicroBlaze and ARM. Fig. 1 shows all components of the TASKING tool chain with input and output files.

The C compiler, the assembler and the debugger are oriented-dependent, while the linker and libraries are centrally independent. The names in the bold font format in the following figure are managed names of the tools. Replace the target with one of the supported target names, for example, cpp is the C compiler for PowerPC, sZOOO is the C compiler for the TSK3000, asl65x is the assembler, etc.


The following table lists the files used in the TASKING chain.

Extension Description

Source files

.c Source files in C, input for the C compiler

.asm Assembler source file, manual coding

.lsl Compiled file

Generated source files

.src Assembler source file generated by the C compiler that does not contain macros

Object files

.obj A mixable object file generated by the assembler

.lib Archive of object files

.out Shuffle output file

.abs Absolute object file IEEE-965 or ELF / DWARF 2, generated by the local part of the linker

.hex Absolute Intel Hex object file .sre Absolute Motorola S-record object file

List files

.1st Assembler list file

.tar Linker map file

. MISRA tag with report file

.mdf Memory definition file

Error Files

.err Compilation error file

.ers Compilation errors file

.elk Linker errors file