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Editorial Proofreading Services

Editorial Proofreading Services is correction of typos spelling and punctuation errors style errors and also shortcomings related to the technical design of the text. Proofreading includes the actual editing and proofreading – the final reading and checking of the already corrected text with a fresh eye.


The purpose of the proof is to make the text grammatically stylistically and technically correct; to give uniform and repeating elements a uniform form; check the correctness of different numbering series (tables illustrations notes pages etc.); check whether the headings within the text and in the table of contents coincide the words in the text and in the notes are explained note all the semantic actual logical stylistic and other shortcomings left by the author and editor’s oversight.

You can print offers professional editorial services to improve your work. The proofreading or proofreading service is a service that guarantees the elimination of any errors or misuse of your work before publication and printing.

The proofreader reads and rereads your work with care eliminating typos and in particular errors regarding the typographic aspect (re-entrant lines italics small capitals use of bold) and providing any other useful information to give an editorial aspect to the text. The draft of the work will be sent to the author who can read it again before the final publication and the press.

The proofreading must be distinguished from editing that is from the editorial care of a work a service that concerns not only the search for typographical errors but also interventions on the style of the text and on the narrative structure of the work itself.

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