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E-Mail Marketing Services

E-Mail Marketing Services is certainly one of the Web Marketing tools that offers immediate results, and high return on investment (ROI) as it allows you to get continuously new flows of qualified business contacts and target customer (typically users they are really interested in your products and / or services, and that they receive communication with pleasure as they have conspicuously adhered to special lists for receiving promotional messages).


Does managing an email campaign seem like an easy task? Unfortunately there are many who think so, and many are those who rely on “do it yourself” or impromptu professionals, risking in most cases complaints about spamming, fines (nowadays the Privacy Act provides penalties for both penal and economic for those who use email addresses without the prior authorization of the recipient), or at least the cancellation of the email sent and the banning of the sender address on the Anti-Spam databases. In reality, the conception, organization and management of an Email Marketing campaign with positive economic returns, based on a careful choice of directories and tools for sending, the definition of messages that stimulate users actually interested in visiting landing pages , the realization of landing pages in persuasive copywriting to entice the user to perform desired actions (form completion, online booking, purchase, information request, provision of contact information or other information …), requires years of experience and a consolidated professionalism.

How a good E-mail Marketing campaign works

What is it about when it comes to e-mail marketing services? In the e-mail marketing campaigns, e-mail messages are sent to visit predefined landing pages to user directories that have previously adhered to specific reception lists. We talk about consensual Email Marketing only when a recipient voluntarily and knowingly provides their email address and a series of data useful for profiling (language, residence, age, employment, preferences ….) to an organization that guarantees the confidentiality of such data (and in fact does not resell the directories, but deals with the shipment on behalf of third parties these directories which are kept and updated internally) and which periodically sends email messages to the recipients concerned. The consensual Email Marketing based on the preventive and voluntary adhesion to targeted directories (Opt-in Email Lists) is the only form of sending e-mails that, in addition to being legal, is appreciated and considered positively and carefully by the recipients. In all other cases and we talk about the many exceptional offers from companies and professionals improvised in this field that sell lists of email addresses it is SPAM: there is a risk of complaints, economic sanctions, negative advertising for their products and services, registration of their sites and email addresses in anti-SPAM databases.

The number of people who resort to email marketing has increased immeasurably and with it the software to capture email addresses and send commercial offers. Users’ intolerance has also grown, and so who has an email account tries to defend himself against spamming as he can by using software, tricks and in some cases denouncing spammers. Considering these assumptions, someone will ask if it is still appropriate to carry out an Email Marketing campaign. The answer is yes, if the laws are respected and experimented techniques are used, relying on professionals in the field of e-mail marketing.

Types of Email Marketing

There are three common types of Email Marketing:

Direct Email Marketing (DEM) – Direct Email Marketing involves sending a promotional message in the form of direct email to a series of recipients. As for traditional mail, the email addresses of customers or prospects that consent to receiving emails are collected and kept in a list. These directories can be built directly by those who send emails or rented by specialized companies that send the promotional message to their list of members, selected according to the criteria preferred by the customer (geographical location, age, interests, financial availability, etc. recipient).

Retention Email Marketing (REM) – The Retention Email Marketing concerns the sending of occasional or regular / planned e-mail messages (newsletter) to a series of recipients who have consented to the receipt of e-mail . In Retention Email Marketing emails can contain advertising or promotional messages, but mainly aim at establishing a long-term relationship with the reader, acquiring or maintaining his trust and his attention. A typical case is that of the newsletter, which updates existing customers and potential customers on offers and promotions, but mainly provides useful information on the sector of interest.

Email Advertising (EA) – Email Advertising involves sending occasional or regular / planned e-mail messages using third-party newsletters. These newsletters are organized in order to insert advertising messages (banners or reviews) that are then read by the end user interested in the informative contents of the newsletter itself. There are many newsletters born for this purpose, which can provide important information regarding the profiling of end users.

Our Email Marketing services with opt-in lists

Ability is Consensual Professional Email Marketing for the organization of an e-mail marketing campaign Weprosys Ltd. provides the following steps:

Email marketing with opt-in lists the analysis with our client of the objectives and budget of the campaign, with a careful study of the site of our client to identify the optimal internal routes for the achievement of the objectives, with indications on any additions or changes that generate greater conversions.

e-mail marketing with opt-in lists the analysis of the needs of our client for the definition of the contents and the target (type of users and geographical areas of intervention) of the campaign and the drafting of the text of the e-mail that will be used for exclusive communication interventions and / or of promotion on newsletters identified as belonging to the target. The texts and layouts of the proposed messages will be submitted for validation to the customer.

email marketing with opt-in lists Depending on the content and the target of the campaign will be activated the search for targeted email addresses and opt-in (that is, email authorized to which you can send advertising messages without running the risk of violating privacy and / or being reported for spam) to send the promotion. The directories will not be acquired as lists / lists of addresses in clear, but as a guaranteed service to send lists with defined characteristics

Consensual email marketing Implementation of pages of acceptance (landing pages on the destination site), so that they are attractive and push the visitor to perform the desired actions (persuasive copywriting for an effective call for action). The welcome pages will be equipped with a tracking system to detect site accesses (CTR) and the viewing / opening of the original emails (OR).

Pay per click campaign with keyword advertising the activation of the campaign on the agreed dates with simultaneous activation of control mechanisms and tracking of results and visitor behavior, for the creation of detailed traffic reports. We monitor Email Marketing campaigns 7 days a week and keep our customers informed with periodic reports that are among the most comprehensive and comprehensive.

Contact us for a feasibility study and a quote

Weprosys Ltd. is marketing and communication agency specialized in Email Marketing for over 12 years (that is when DEM techniques – Direct Email Marketing – were in the early days in Europe and in Italy) in over 50 different languages. Our staff of Email Marketing experts can follow you by preparing a feasibility study for the promotion and dissemination of your product, service or initiative through the sending of promotional emails in over 50 languages and always to guaranteed opt-in directories.

We are obviously not able to present a price list for our e-mail marketing services , as they are not ” pre-packaged packages ” like those proposed by many other freelancers and agencies … Our interventions are therefore studied from time to time. in turn depending on the needs and target markets, and illustrated in our feasibility studies with a wealth of details. If you are interested in Email Marketing and have more information on the possibility of activating an Email Advertising campaign in relation to your products, services and initiatives, you can contact us explaining your needs: we will be happy to present you our best offer for the management of an effective and advantageous email marketing project.