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Outsource Dynamics 365 Setup and Customization Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows companies to make transformations and innovations by offering consolidated business logic with which to redesign the business processes faster. Growing your company is one of the many objectives you want to pursue and you can do it using analytical tools capable of giving a precise company picture. Precise and real-time data with which to make strategic decisions are indispensable.

Microsoft ERP AX, tuned into Dynamics 365 for Operations, is designed for small and large businesses that want to grow or improve their position in the market.


Microsoft Dynamics ERP Online is a modern and valuable tool that provides up-to-date information with which to plan business activities and accelerate time-to-value to gain competitive advantage.

Dynamics 365 for Operations is entirely Cloud based and allows to globally reorganize business operations, integrating the legacy systems with which to exploit external investments.

It integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft solutions such as Azure, Office 365, Outlook and SharePoint Online, to ensure maximum work experience.

Weprosys Ltd. chooses the Microsoft Cloud

Weprosys Ltd. has adopted Dynamics Operations 365 as a backbone for the team, able to support the phases that go from planning to putting on track.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Online allows you to monitor company performance by favoring winning growth strategies and also reduces your debts thanks to an efficient collection system.

Through the interconnected operations between distribution, sales, customer service and other activities, we obtain a higher value output.

The analysis of each step guarantees a simplified production management, a greater speed in the introduction of new products and offers delivery alternatives.

Sharing information with sellers allows him to offer an immediate and personalized service to customers on social media, mobile devices, points of sale or other places of contact.

By easily moving products from the warehouse to the customer we offer fast and dynamic services, facilitating loyalty.

Adopt Microsoft Cloud solutions allow to reduce IT costs, transform the business with simplicity and access any service even on the move.