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Documentary Video Making Company in Bangladesh

Weprosys Limited is the leading Documentary Video Making Company in Bangladesh. A documentary film is a special genre, the filming of which implies its own subtleties, and therefore not all studios offer such a service. Our company has an entire team that specializes in this particular genre. Excellent school, the most modern equipment and many years of experience allow us to easily make documentaries of various subjects.

Our team has many years of experience in film making. Over the past years we have created many television and documentary projects. Order a film in our studio and you will realize that a seemingly boring documentary film genre can be interesting and exciting.


Production of documentaries

Weprosys Limited for the production of documentary films offers to record on video events from the life of your family, friends or working group. Production of a documentary film is made on high-tech equipment with the introduction of the latest film technology.

Documentary – a special genre of annals

The creative team of Weprosys Limited Production consists of experts who are passionate about their work. Shooting a documentary is not easy. It requires accurate calculation and hard work.

Estimated cost of creating a documentary

No          Expenditures                                                                       Total (Taka)

Producer                                                                              100 000 Taka

Administrator                                                                     60 000 Taka

One.      Preparation period

1.1.         Selection of locations for filming                                    15 000 Taka

1.3.         Script writing                                                                       50 000 Taka

2              Shooting period

2.1.         Operator                                                                             50 000 Taka

2.2.         Sound engineer                                                                 30 000 Taka

3              “Services shops”

3.1.         Camera equipment (camera 3 pcs.)                               45 000 Taka

3.3.         Lighting technology                                                          50 000 Taka

3.4.         Radio microphone (2 pcs.) Recorder                            11 000 Taka

3.4.         Buffet (film crew catering)                                              17 500.

four.      Assembly and tinting work

4.1.         Installation, color correction, graphics                      150 000 Taka

4.2.         Auto Music Writing                                                          70 000 Taka

4.3.         Announcer’s fee                                                                 15 000 Taka

4.4.         Sound post production                                                    80 000 Taka

TOTAL:       743 500 Taka.

The cost of high-quality documentary films depends on the time spent on it, labor and money. Calculations are made at checkout.

Stages of creating a documentary

-Calculated and approved estimates, which is consistent with the customer.

-Writes a movie script.

-Produced directly shooting the necessary working material.

-Editing captured with the use of graphic inserts, spectacular titles.

-The overlay audio track, text, voice-over commenting, if necessary, the use of dubbing.

-Verification of synchronicity, quality of shooting and recording, indication of source data.

-Movie presentation to the customer.


How to order a documentary?

One of the activities of Weprosys Limited Production is the production of documentaries. For a preliminary discussion of the film, you can come to our office. We are located in the center of Dhaka. A conversation with professionals will give a clear picture of what you want to see in the picture, and what our company can offer.

Our experts can be contacted using modern means of communication. We carefully protect all information received from the customer. Do you have an idea and desire to create a documentary? Contact, and our team will fulfill your order with enthusiasm, creative impulse and professional.


The opinion that documentaries are far in the past, when the TV showed only two channels, is fundamentally wrong, and nowadays video shooting of architectural monuments, natural objects, events, people, and animals in the natural environment is quite popular.

The storyline is an indispensable component of such a video, it should gradually be revealed as you watch and become as clear as possible to the viewer by the time it is completed. We recommend that all customers think carefully about this moment before ordering a documentary film, determine what idea and purpose it pursues, otherwise the result may be just a dry chronicle.


Having decided to shoot a documentary for personal purposes, one should not try to delay it too much, as well as the presentation video. The best option is a twenty-minute video that will arouse the undoubted interest of the viewer, subject to the relevance of the topic.

Laconic, the most eventful and informative movie information is removed in a short time and displays, at the request of the customer, precisely those areas that present the subject in the most favorable light.

For us, this is not just a service provided, but a truly creative process, which will never be destined to become a routine. You can order a documentary film on almost any topic from us, even in the absence of a clear understanding of the plot – the main thing is for the customer to know exactly what purpose he wants to achieve by working with us.