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How much does our service cost?
Why exactly so much?
What to do if you find cheaper?

How much does our service cost?

We have the most simple and understandable pricing: one normal hour of work of any specialist is $ 1800.

What is “normal hours”?

“Normal hours” is a conditional unit of the planned time spent on work. For example, according to our regulations, a detailed technical audit of a small online store middle SEO specialist performs in 21 business hours. We will evaluate this service at 21 hours, regardless of how much time we actually spend on it.

That is, normal hours – this is the time for which the work should be done.

Actual costs may vary. For example, if the work was performed by a junior specialist, the audit was sent for revision by the project manager and in the event of any other time overspending, you still pay only for normal hours.

Why normal hours and not fixed rates for services?

To be honest. There are no two identical businesses, identical sites or advertising campaigns. Each project needs its own strategy, approach and work plan. There cannot be a typical “SEO rate” or “500-context package”.

Fixed tariffs are usually the strategy of the agency “we will get as many clients as possible and we will do for each what we have time to do.” The range of services that competitors offer in such packages is usually quite extensive, cannot be implemented for a given budget and is more like a list of specialist skills rather than a real plan.

We do differently. For each project we prepare a work plan and estimate the labor costs for it. You know exactly what will be done by your money.

How do we think this?

Service Description Site Services Small
Large portal / store
Detailed technical audit Check all site parameters affecting the ranking and indexing in search engines 14 h. 21 h 24 h
Development of SEO promotion strategy Detailed analysis of metric and analytical data, niches, competitors, drawing up a work plan 8 h. 18 h. 21 h
Collect semantic core We collect the keys that the target audience of the site will use to find products or services, we cluster by TOPs 18 h. 26 h. 34 hours
Preparation TK for a copywriter (on 1 page) Text analysis of the tops and the formation of technical specifications for the preparation of the text 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours
Configuring analytics systems Setting goals in Google Analytics, Bing, Yandex dynamic call tracking call tracking integration with CRM 4 – 8 hours or more
Gathering semantics for context Collecting, cleaning, grouping the semantic core for search campaigns in Google Adwords, Bing and Yandex and other if required 12 h. 16 hours 24 h

Important: this is not a price, not an offer, not the cost of services for promoting your website and solving your specific marketing task. These are excerpts from the cheat sheet used by the sales department in order to distract production less when calculating KP in simple cases.

And yet, how much is SEO promotion?

From $500

This budget is enough to pay for 15 normal hours of our work. That is, we will have time to do a technical audit of a small site in the first month, and implement its results before they lose relevance.  Working at a lower speed simply does not make sense, therefore projects with smaller budgets we do not take.

A few more numbers

SEO from 36,000 Taka

for 15 normal hours. As a rule, we recommend working from 40 h / month

Setting up contextual advertising from 34,000 

for 14 normal hours.

In most cases, collecting an effective campaign takes 20-30 hours or more.

Targeted advertising setting from 43,000

for 18 normal hours

For small campaigns: up to 20 creatives, up to 50 announcements, in the 1st advertising room

Found cheaper?

What kind of service or set of services?
We do not see how it is possible to give a result comparable with our work, which is significantly cheaper.

We have already optimized our work so as to remove all the “extra” costs. We also do not believe in miracles, but we believe that it can only be significantly worse in quality to make significantly cheaper.

Seriously. Why are we better?

We are open: no secret methods

– We take money not for air, but for the implementation of a specific work plan for the site;
– We let in CRM and show the entire internal kitchen;
– We explain why, without referring to secret knowledge;

The result of our services ALWAYS belongs to the client.

– Do not charge extra for leads, traffic, calls and sales;
– We give all the documents created by the project: audits, strategies, plans, TZ, recommendations, semantics, access to classrooms and analytics systems, etc.

We are working. Do normally – it will be normal

– The long-term goal of each project is the recoupment of agency services for the client’s business;