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Weprosys Digital Principles, Mission, and Values

We do not work with assholes, do not act like assholes

We are striving to make Digital Marketing Services in worldwide including Bangladesh more healthy, fair and transparent, to raise the standards of quality of services in the market, to raise the level of business awareness of Internet marketing opportunities.


Our principles

We are honest: we don’t use magic and tambourines, we don’t display them in TOP monthly

– We do not promise what we cannot do;
– Do not make “accurate” forecasts of traffic or conversions;
– Show the real calculations.

We are open: no secret methods

– We show clients what is being done on the project;
– Share with competitors campaign and processes at conferences;

We are working. Do normally – it will be normal

– The long-term goal of each project is the recoupment of agency services for the client’s business;



The most important question: “Why?”

Priority of practical use in setting tasks.
The goal of any project is profit, leads and sales, or the solution of another specific measurable marketing task.
Each task brings the project to the goal.
See how we set tasks .

Responsibility: we keep promises

All our services are rated in normal hours – that is, in time for which they should be performed. You will never pay more if we didn’t work well.
We keep deadlines.
These are not empty words: from each employee we expect responsibility, the ability to achieve the goal and correctly plan our time.

Trust and care for people

About the staff.
Healthy relationships in the team, revenue, mutual aid. The right to professional development and interesting projects. The attention of the leadership to the personal growth of each person in the agency.

About customers.
We care about the convenience of communication. We make reports in the form in which you prefer to read them. We try our best as always, work with us is not only profitable but also comfortable.

But what we don’t do:

We do not work with projects without a practical goal.

Internet marketing is a tool for solving marketing tasks: “to increase sales of a specific product by X percent by attracting new customers” or “to increase Life time value (LTV) by increasing the pre-sales to this segment of the customers”. These tasks must be formed by your marketing department and included in your business plan.

The requests “we want more traffic and in the top, I don’t know why” we do not process and do not consider commercial proposals for them.

We do not work with businesses owners whose development is not interested.

For example, if
– you do not have time for a 20 minute conversation about the goals that you set for us and the methods for evaluating the result;
– you are not ready to provide access to systems of analytics, coltraking, etc. .;
– You ask to send the CP to the post to the secretary;
– we are not ready to participate in the communication on strategic issues or to allocate for this employee with the right to make decisions
– if you refuse cooperation.

We do not want to work in the “account and report” format, and it is usually difficult to bring measurable benefits in these situations.

We do not give discounts and do not bargain

We have a fixed cost of normal hours and strict regulations for each service rendered for what these hours should be spent.

Found “the same but cheaper” and blackmail manager?
It happens. Perhaps competitors are really cheaper specialists, and maybe they will pay less attention to your project or are ready to work “in the negative.” Your right to check, but it will not affect the cost of our services.

Testimonials from our Customers

“We have been working with Weprosys Limited for 1.5 years to promote our site. During this time, we conducted several technical audits of the site, introduced changes, made textual improvements, positions crawled up, increased visibility of the site in search engines, calls and applications from the site began to appear. Implemented a service for tracking the sources of requests and calls, recording negotiations. It became clear where customers are coming from and how they find us.

The strength of the Weprosys Limited is the deep elaboration of the task. They go into such subtleties, into such depths that the average SEO manager does not even suspect. Deep analytics of competitors, in-depth analytics of the array of collected data. Work is carried out on the basis of studying the data and with an eye to the future so that tomorrow the site does not fall under any new filter.

And also, I like that this is a comprehensive agency. What they have experts and social networks and context and in other areas. They are not just promoting where they said, but they can choose the best way to advance under the existing budget. Here I finally understood what a strategy is. I wish you success and prosperity!”

“We have been cooperating with Weprosys Limited Digital since 2017 in terms of promotion in search engines and since 2016 in the direction of Performance marketing. During this time a systematic approach to the promotion on the Internet, we have been able not only to multiply increase our sales but also to outpace all existing competitors. Of course, we are not standing still and we are constantly engaged in improving the technological process and the quality of service to our customers. That is why our cooperation with the agency is as effective as possible.”

“We have been working with the agency for a year now.  Very nice people in all respects. Always in touch, we get answers to all your questions instantly. No complaints. I recommend to anyone who wants to get a quality product and service at the outlet. Special thanks to Syed !!!”

“We have been working with the Weprosys Limited Digital promotion agency on the Internet for 2 years. For such a small business like ours – Together, we managed to build a promotion strategy in such a way that we receive calls and requests, and not just positions in the TOP-10 for requests that interest us. I would like to note a very systematic approach in terms of working with the client. The guys pay attention and work through a lot of small things within their competencies even when it was not in the initially agreed technical tasks.”