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Our main goals are:

-Bring income to the client
-Recoup the cost of their services

What are we doing for this?

Full analysis of the current situation

We dive into the client’s business: we determine the target audience, study products / services, and ask questions. Analyzing the site: how it is convenient for users and complies with the recommendations of search engines for promotion. We understand what methods of promotion used earlier and what was the result.

 Strategy Development

 Based on the objectives of the client and the analysis. We define priority areas and draw up the most detailed work plan for the next six months. The plan includes: a list of works and those responsible for their implementation start and end the estimated amount of man-hours.

Transparency and full accountability

We carry out projects in the CRM system. There the client monitors the status and volume of tasks, communicates directly with experts, gives recommendations.

We use metrics that are clear to the client in the tasks: if we cannot do without professional terminology, we will explain it with ease. If the client does not have enough notices in CRM, we enter into the contract the obligation to provide plans and reports.


Every 3-6 months we review the strategy. On the basis of the obtained results and changes in the external environment (new search engine algorithms) we make adjustments to it.

Only “white” promotion methods

The main priority of creating and promoting websites is the utility for the end user. The algorithms of search robots are changing, but their main vector of development – matching the needs of visitors – remains unchanged. Therefore, we anticipate changes in the characteristics of the formation of the issue.


We are honest at all stages of cooperation. First, we truly assess the situation. In the process of promotion, we explain why this or that process is necessary, and talk about the problems that arise. Upon completion, we return all documentation, give instructions for new contractors.

What do we guarantee to all customers?

The agency guarantees what it will do, when and how. Payment for work is measured in rubles, without additional surcharges. All traffic, attracted leads and sales from them – everything belongs to the client.

How do we not work?

Pay per position


  • no guarantees of output in the TOP: search engines do not disclose their algorithms;
    the issue is personalized: it is impossible to find out what position the site has from all users;
  • The risk of fraud charges: dishonest optimizers choose cheap low-frequency positions that do not bring traffic.

With payment for traffic (each new visitor)


  • it is impossible for the client to determine whether the traffic is from: from a natural issue or it is screwed up by bots or advertising;
  • Not consistent with the goal of our work: long-term growth not increased traffic “here and now.”

Pay per sale

Because the agency leads potential customers and then begins the area of ​​responsibility of the customer. It depends on them:

  • price competitiveness;
  • speed and delivery methods;
  • availability of different payment methods;
  • order processing speed;
  • Competence of sales managers (closing objections, working with doubting / demanding customers, after-sales, and so on).

We do not control all of the above, respectively, and are not responsible for this.

Pay per conversion

Because the risk of a situation is high: there are orders, but there are no sales. It is difficult to find the guilty: either the agency has overtaken traffic with untargeted leads, or the managers on the customer’s side are incompetent.

What to do if the result of the SERP is not good?

This does not happen. The nature of the result is always improving. For example, on a specific request, the site did not appear at all in the SERP, but again it has appeared on the third page of SERP. Next, our task is to bring the site to the first position.

While the result is not satisfied, we use different tactics. To achieve your goals.

With each client, we are committed to long-term and productive work. We will do everything so that you can earn more. Leave the application in the form – and we will discuss your project.