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Designing of functional power supply systems

Professional design of power supply is a guarantee of comfortable life, safety and functionality of the used electrical equipment. In the construction of residential, commercial and industrial premises, great attention is paid to the creation of high-quality and reliable electrical networks. And it’s not a secret for anyone that the quality and reliability of an electrical installation depends on several factors:

On how much the design of the power supply system will meet the requirements of electrical safety, the rules for the installation of electrical installations, as well as electrical engineering standards and building codes;

On how responsible the staff of the electrical installation company will approach to performing their duties; and, lastly, the most important thing – on how correctly the draft electricity supply will be drawn up. Stages of development of the electrical project

Development and design of an electrical project is a complex and, in many ways, a painstaking process that is carried out in several stages:

Development and execution of technical specifications – is carried out with the participation of the customer and more relates to the preparatory stages of design;

Selection of suitable electrical equipment and lighting systems;

Calculation of power consumption;

Calculation and design of the main elements of the wiring;

The arrangement of electrical equipment on the plan of the electrified facility.

The listed stages are relevant in all cases: when a project is being developed for the electricity supply of an apartment, when electrical installations of large commercial or commercial facilities are designed, and also when design of power supply systems for industrial premises is carried out.

These stages pursue the same goals, but in each specific case, their implementation has its own characteristics. And on how accurately the designer can determine for himself the key tasks, it will depend not only on the reliability, but also on the safety of the future electrical system.

Why it is desirable to order the electrical project with weprosys Ltd.

The issue of design cost excites almost every person who is going to use such a service. At the same time, the potential customer does not have a more natural desire than a desire to save money. The prices for the services of such specialists can really be lower than those of representatives of the design bureaus. However, not all provincial experts are thoroughly familiar with the peculiarities of electrical systems operated in a huge metropolis. As a result, the project of electricity supply to a private house , apartment or commercial object, designed by such a designer, will create a whole host of problems during the reconciliation.

We draw your attention: we do not aspire to present the professionalism of designers from other regions in some kind of unfavorable light for them. We simply state the facts that actually took place in the practice of many outside specialists.

From the above information, we can make a simple, but logical conclusion: the design of power supply systems is best trusted by those companies and organizations that are well acquainted with the requirements of supervisory authorities working at the location of the electrified facility.

For what, after all, an electrical project is needed

Many people who do not want to delve into the intricacies of the organization of electrical systems are sure: if the development of an electric project is not a prerequisite for the creation of an operating electrical installation, then there is no need to waste time and own money for the services of the designer.

Yes, indeed, in accordance with established rules, the design of electricians for some living quarters is not a vital necessity. However, saving on the creation of an electrical project will not protect your wiring from premature failure, and even less will not make your own life safe, and also the life of your loved ones. So, the choice is yours.