Designing of power supply systems for industrial enterprises

/Designing of power supply systems for industrial enterprises
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Designing of power supply systems for industrial enterprises

It’s no secret that a properly organized system of industrial power supply optimizes the costs of operating production equipment, and a competent calculation of all elements of the electrical installation significantly reduces its total cost. Hence follows the conclusion: competent design of power supply of industrial enterprises allows before the construction of the system to produce a comprehensive analysis of electricity consumption. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to shorten the list of electrical equipment used to service production facilities by purchasing high quality components and devices from a trusted manufacturer for the future power system.

In addition to all of the above, the availability of a professional electric project gives the enterprise a guarantee of uninterrupted power supply of industrial lines, machines and lighting systems. At the same time, the availability of error-free calculations and correct electrical circuits is a key condition for electrical safety in the process of modern production cycles.

Normative documents, in accordance with which the design of power supply to enterprises.

First of all, let’s talk about the requirements of representatives of specialized organizations that provide services in the development of industrial electric projects. During the development of the electrical project, the specialists bring the project documentation in compliance with the requirements of the established standards. The “reference book” of the designer is a collection of instructions regulating the sequence and conditions for the design of industrial electrical installations.

Designing power supply systems in accordance with these instructions is a kind of standard, from which you can not deviate under any circumstances. It is relevant for electrical installations that are connected to the global energy system, as well as for electrical systems powered by their own power plants operating on the territory of the enterprise.

The collection of instructions presented details the following points in detail:

The procedure and conditions under which the electricity supply project is harmonized;

Recommended parameters, in accordance with which the main parameters of external and internal electrical networks are selected;

Conditions for the organization of connection points, as well as requirements for electrical equipment installed in power distribution units;

Requirements for the quality of electricity supplied to modern industrial facilities and much more.

The goals of the enterprise’s power supply project

The development of a standard electric project for any industrial facility is initially aimed at achieving the following objectives:

Provision of an industrial facility with the required amount of electrical power. The electric project should provide for the possibility of supplying electricity in accordance with the production schedule and with the features of the planned production cycles.

Providing the necessary level of electrical safety, contributing to the preservation of health and life of people working in the territory of the enterprise.

Creation of conditions for saving the energy resources of the enterprise, which in turn is aimed at a comprehensive optimization of current costs and a reduction in the cost of production.

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