Designing Engineering Systems of Buildings and Structures in Bangladesh

/Designing Engineering Systems of Buildings and Structures in Bangladesh
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Designing Engineering Systems of Buildings and Structures in Bangladesh

Weprosys Limited is the trusted partner of automation systems, security systems, and engineering equipment. We offer services for the design, installation and commissioning of engineering solutions for various facilities.

Weprosys Limited specializing in smart solutions for engineering systems, building automation (BMS), integration of engineering systems, security systems and Smart City, Smart House, Internet of Things ), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Digital utilities.

If the question of the design of engineering systems raised edge, then you should contact the professionals. Weprosys Limited can offer you mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. The task of drawing up a communication plan for a team of professionals will not be your mistake, because the development of the project will be undertaken by specialists whose experience in this area is vast. The result of the joint work will be a document that will easily pass all the provided checks and significantly reduce the expenditure item for construction.

What is the main essence of engineering communications design services?

Today we have a comprehensive service engineering systems design in Bangladesh, which is very much in demand. This can be explained by the fact that low-current systems, dispatching systems, automation and security, as well as IT solutions, are among the most common construction projects. Because they are the basis of the future infrastructure of the erected structure.

If the design of engineering systems and networks will contain errors and omissions, then this fact can lead to significant and irreparable violations of the construction of the building. The consequences can be of a different nature and lead to different end results – from unjustified exaggerated material expenses for the maintenance of the building to breakdowns of expensive devices.

Constant changes in the requirements for the concept of life support of an object have a direct impact on the financial component in planning communications. The current state of expenditure item for the design of engineering systems of buildings and structures are within 25-40% of the total construction budget.

Often, in order to design engineering systems in any building, be it a country house, an enterprise, a shop or another object, it is necessary to resort to the reconstruction of the object. As for the restoration measures, they are resorted to if they need to “reanimate” the old building. Such procedures are usually more difficult to perform and they will cost more.

But it doesn’t matter what work is done, engineering systems designers must have the appropriate qualifications. Because only in this case, you can guarantee the quality of work. The accuracy of calculations in a project for the construction or reconstruction of an existing communication depends on the level of professionalism. At your service a team of high-end engineers from Weprosys Limited!

Stages of design and implementation of communication networks

Engineering design of buildings can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Development of the project concept is the first stage of professional design. The engineering staff makes decisions and coordinates them with the customer. These issues include:

– Specific differences of each network separately;

– Where and in which place the assembly and reconstruction works will be carried out;

– Device manufacturer;

– Where to place at the time of work technological devices (if necessary);

  1. Presentation of the approved concept of placement and construction of engineering communications networks. If necessary, the client can make amendments.

The developed project will enable the customer to have an idea about the future costs of construction, reconstruction or restoration of a specific object. In addition, these documents will fulfill the role of an action plan for a construction company that will implement it.

  1. Preparation of tender documentation and specifications. In essence, this is a list of key points adopted for a specific project. And the specification function is to facilitate installation work. The standard working draft includes 2 components – these are descriptive and graphic parts. Supplements to the project are the specification and list of necessary materials. This documentation must be approved by the relevant government authorities. Only after that you can begin to carry out these works.

Pricing factors

The cost of designing and installing engineering systems is influenced by 3 main factors:

– Functionality of the objects;

– The operational and technological features of the building are the shape, type, area and number of floors of the building;

– Individual features of engineering networks.

Engineering design: types and features

The need to develop projects for the organization or restoration of engineering networks is in demand and justified, because this almost completely eliminates the occurrence of errors during installation. Therefore, there are a large number of applications, among which are the following types of systems:

– Ventilation and climate;

– Security;

– Heating;

– Access control system;

– Internal and external lighting;


– Electric;

– Plumbing and sewer

– ETC;

– Firefighters;

– Television;

– Paging LAN;


– Telephone.

The project development service from the WEPROSYS LIMITED company is the optimal solution and guarantee for designing in accordance with the generally established procedure. The work is characterized by complexity and special care to create project documentation for various communications. In the final collaboration, the customer receives a project that will definitely pass the necessary expertise.

The consequences of mistakes made in the design

Most often, errors and various kinds of shortcomings can occur if an independent project is being developed – this is when several companies are engaged in designing individual communications in parallel. In this situation, errors cannot be avoided, and this will reduce the efficiency of the building after the completion of construction or restoration of the object.

The consequences of such errors can be explained with an example: if the design of the building was unreasonably carried out taking into account that large equipment will be used, this fact will cause a reduction in the usable area. Or if it is envisaged that most communications will pass over the ceiling surface, this will cause the ceilings to lower.

In order to prevent the occurrence of problems that may arise when illiterate and ill-considered design of engineering systems, you should entrust this to a recognized professional. Work in a cohesive and highly organized team of specialists – this is guaranteed a quality result.

There are some other significant reasons why you should entrust the issues of creating a project for placing communications to professionals:

– Favorable conditions for cooperation;

– Use in the design of modern technology, equipment and materials;

– The terms of fulfillment of the commitments clearly established in the contract;

– Experience in providing such services;

– Reasonable prices for the provision of services;

– Development of networks connected in all respects and their display in a single project;

– Providing competent advice on installation;

– There will be no problems at the stage of approval of documentation in state institutions;

– An integrated approach to the implementation of services.

All of the above reasons, in the totality of the design ensures that the decisions contained in the project documentation are accurate, balanced and rational. This is easily seen by deciding to cooperate with a team of professionals from the company Weprosys Limited.

We will develop a concept of engineering solutions for your facility for free! To clarify the terms of service, please contact or call 01788377901.