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Dating Website and App Development services

Perhaps, marriages are made in heaven, but today’s realities are such that millions of people find their soul mate on the Internet. Therefore, if you are engaged in this kind of business, like helping people find a couple, you should pay attention to the opportunities that virtual space gives.

Turning To Us, You Get:

-Team for a project of five people

-Website creation for the marriage agency

-Development of dating site

-Further development of your web project

Stages of the Site Development:

Planning: Before we start creating a marriage agency website, we conduct a preliminary briefing with the client, where we find out the details of the future site, the goals assigned to it, in order to give the customer the most effective solution. After that, we make the technical task of the web project, following each of its components we will further develop the site. In addition, our usability experts make prototypes of site pages (architecture), in accordance with which designers will later draw layouts.


Decision: After signing the contract for the development of the technical task, the manager together with the technical director make up a document that will guide the team that implements the creation of the site (designer, layout designer, programmer, tester and project manager). When the terms of reference are approved by the client, a contract for the development of the site is drawn up and signed by both parties and we proceed to further work.

Introduction: After the client has approved the terms of reference and the prototypes of the pages, we proceed to the very process of creating the site. First of all, designers are thinking in details of a visual solution for your business – how your site will look in the eyes of visitors. After the design layouts are approved by the customer, the technical development of the site of the marriage agency begins: layout , programming, testing.

Development: After the site has passed quality control by attentive testers, the Weprosys Ltd. team releases it into the light – that is, puts it on the Internet. Your site is hosted, it has its own domain, and it is ready to meet the first visitors.

Components of the success of the dating site:

Convenience for users: The types of sites on which the user is expected to be more active should be extremely clear and convenient. Clear registration for those wishing to start their own questionnaire, the opportunity to get acquainted with the site without registering, the detailed search by interests and priority qualities for those wishing to find their own couple – all this is important for a dating site.

Filtering profiles: If you follow your reputation, it is of fundamental importance to strictly filter the questionnaires. The safety of users of your service is paramount, so it is highly desirable to filter the questionnaires of participants according to basic criteria: social status, adequacy. In addition, it is important to compile requirements for site users (geography, ethical requirements), in order to resolve all disputes that arise.

High-quality photos: An important part of the questionnaire is photographs. Therefore, they must be qualitative. It is necessary to provide this in the requirements for users downloading photos, asking in advance for a photo of a certain resolution and size.

Chips for communication: The creation of dating sites includes also the provision of high-quality functionality for communication between users: messaging, photo scoring, winking, sending gifts, and other “buns” on which you can even earn by providing access to them only for paid profiles or to charge money for specific “pleasantness” – air kisses, for example.

Marketing activities: it is important to regularly attract new users to the site, as the more people on your site, the more choices for dating. In order to increase traffic, we recommend a comprehensive website promotion.

With what to begin?

-Clearly articulate the tasks that the future site must solve

-Identify those unique trade offers that you will focus on

-Identify your competitors

-Understand the needs of your target audience

-Choose a company to which you authorize the development of your site