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Outsource Data Analysis Services

We offer statistical advice for individual clients, companies and private or public institutions of any kind.

-Big Data
-Data Mining
-Machine Learning
-No Data
-Data Scenarios
-Machine Learning

Our analysis, interpretation and presentation of your data takes place according to standardized and established methods in the scientific field. The advisory service must be adapted individually to each request and the related questions. To this end a plurality of methods must be guaranteed. Statistical programming takes place for example in the R environment.


An eventual collaboration is regulated with a small contract based on an estimate (defining, on request, also a maximum cost ceiling).

If you are interested in consulting, you can contact us at any time for an initial exploratory interview, without any obligation.

Predictive mathematical modeling

In addition to the classic data analysis we also offer predictive statistical modeling and programming in various fields of activity.

Mathematical modeling, especially on the basis of stochastic or probabilistic and Bayesian approaches.
Statistical analysis and identification of gaps in the information underlying operational decisions and also of non-business or commercial gender.

Robustness tests: execution of parametric and structural tests to evaluate the robustness (uncertainty, variability) and the sensitivity (effect of parameters) of models.

Multi-Criteria Decision-Analysis

Multi-Criteria-Decision-Analysis (MCDA) for complex decision-making situations (scientific, private or industrial), strategic and operational behavior of interest groups, business partners, competitors and others.

Do not hesitate (no advice for students) to contact us if you want to know how everything is applicable to your specific case!

The Weprosys Ltd. activities are divided into six business areas:
Business application : Application Development projects for operational and strategic management with the most advanced WEB and Information Delivery technologies;
Data integration : implementation of Data Integration, Data Management, ETL, Data Quality, Big Data processes;
Advanced Analytics : statistical and data mining consultancy for projects primarily related to credit risk, application of the Basel III, Solvency agreements, forecasting, simulation systems or Marketing Automation;
Data intelligence : application development services for the automation of processes to support strategic decisions; methodological consultancy, architectural analysis, definition of functional needs, construction of relational data models and decision-making databases;
Business intelligence : development of applications for decision support; creation of open and flexible Business Intelligence solutions; specific consultancy services for the personalization of Business Intelligence solutions and vertical solutions of leading international vendors such as SAS;
Analytical intelligence : application outsourcing and data analysis services; strategic consultancy at an international level in specific sectors such as for Travel Cost Management.