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Customer Order Processing Services

Statistics show that customers are more likely to make additional purchases when they are in contact with a provider for another purpose – such as when they access a contact center or self-service portal, or during a field service visit.

Order processing solutions provide easy functionality for managing budgets and order fulfillment. Quotes can be created for the sale of products and the provision of field services. Integration with the approval process, as well as Logistics and Field Service solutions areas ensure efficient management control and sustainable promises for deliveries.


Convert Service calls into Sales Opportunities

Sales Order Processing Capabilities increase revenue by expanding opportunities for customers to purchase products and services. Sales Order Processing Solutions allow service representatives to quote and close sales during any contact with the customer, as well as process returns.

Implement Sales Order solutions to improve the immediacy and integrity of customer service, convert service-to-sales interactions by responding to customer needs at the time they are presented, or recommend additional services and products. Order Processing Solutions can also remind customers of marketing promotions, unlock complementary and cross-selling opportunities and accept exchanges, empowering and encouraging service representatives to create, scale and capture previously lost sales opportunities. This application is ideal for the sale of “consumable products” in association with the provision of services that focus on equipment.