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Outsource CRM Development Services

Weprosys Ltd. has for years been specialized in the development of innovative CRM Software. The Company based in USA and Dhaka has developed various customized CRM software. The CRM Software development services provided by Weprosys Ltd. consist in the design and implementation of professional Web systems, through the skills of highly specialized personnel in the field of CRM Software development.

The CRM (Custom Relationship Management) Software allows to improve in terms of effectiveness and efficiency the management of relationships with potentials and customers of the CRM Software, the management of pre and post sales activities is better integrated.


What does the development of CRM software mean in practical terms? The personalized management of the customer is being decisively imposed in every sector and therefore being able to coordinate in the best way their contacts is now essential. The CRM software enables better management of all the information in our possession: profile, business, industry, information.

In this way the CRM Software allows to have at any time the customer’s history: purchases, leases and payments. The CRM Software is also decisive in the after-sales phase, i.e when it becomes essential to provide assistance or archiving and classification services.

But the benefits of CRM Software do not end with the service provided to the customer, but also extend to internal management. The CRM Software in fact allow you to monitor the workloads of their employees and then a planning of activities that can eliminate inefficiencies.

The CRM Software then thanks to the databases they have, allow to improve the problem-solving processes and therefore the supply of the final service and the loyalty of the client.

It’s not all. The most innovative CRM Software are considered true marketing tools aimed at potential customers, able to track commercial proposals and manage and coordinate the sending of newsletters, through a detailed profiling. Profitability and feedback are thus immediate and directly analyzed through the CRM Software itself.

Phases of CRM software development

The first step for the development of a CRM Software is a comparison of Weprosys Ltd., but having customers all over the area the company is equipped with all the devices to carry out remote interviews.

The second step in the development of the CRM Software is the analysis of customer needs.

The third phase is that of the real development of the CRM Software, which is realized in the realization that will be personalized, functional and easy to use.

The fourth phase in the development of the CRM Software is control: the staff checks that the application responds correctly.

After the development and delivery of the CRM Software, Weprosys Ltd. takes care of any changes that will be involved.