Brand book – these are certain rules created for the correct use of corporate identity elements of the organization. Creating a brand book is an extremely necessary step in the process of developing a corporate identity of an organization and most importantly, one of the first.

Brandbook development includes all the rules for using a logo, corporate font and corporate color, as well as an example of filling out documents a description of employees’ clothing, etc. Based on this, the creation of a brand book should be started in parallel with the opening of the company, or when all elements of the corporate identity are already highlighted and fixed.

The creation of a brand book is also necessary if the company offices are located territorially distant from each other. If there is a brand book in the offices of such firms, all recommendations for maintaining the same style will be clearly implemented. Especially if the development of a guide book (technical brand book) or brand book will be carried out correctly.

If the brand book will clearly describe the color solutions , design and certain standards of certain materials , documents , souvenirs and other details of the brand  then developing a corporate style will bring the company only benefits and positive popularity.

Without a brand book, advertisers, designers, and media workers may misrepresent colors or fonts. And mismatching even a successful approved corporate color or font can significantly spoil the impression of the advertised brand. If there is a brand book, printing companies will do the job of printing company symbols and printing in accordance with the standards specified in it, without making any amendments. So, without spending money and nerves to process unsuccessfully “improved” sources.

Creating a corporate identity and developing a brand book allows you to demand from printers and advertisers responsibility for the correct implementation of the rules set forth in the provided brand book.

Brand book development – requires maximum detailing of all graphic parameters of the corporate identity. After all the brand must be recognizable, which means that the success of the organization in the market will depend on how the brand book is composed. A certain color and slogan should be associated with branding. Then the picture of the logo in the head of people, when mentioning the brand, will appear “automatically”! This is the effective creation of a corporate identity – what makes a brand and a brand recognizable.

In order to ensure that none of the components of this recognition is accidentally changed, it is necessary to develop a brand book where each element of the corporate identity is coordinated, painted, and registered.

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