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Cover Design Services

Cover Design Services .The cover being the face of the book should attract the attention of the reader. Correct design of the cover is the most effective way of conveying the overall concept of the book and its mood. Here are just some of the features of providing the service for the design of the cover by our publisher:

The layout is developed individually for each project, taking into account your wishes.

-Corresponds to the contents of the book.

-It takes into account the peculiarities of the reader’s visual perception.

-Meets modern standards of quality in the field of book printing.

-All covers are full-color, with matte or glossy lamination (depending on your preferences).

-Standard design: The title of the book, the name of the author, one image provided Book Cover Design

-Ready design: pre-designed cover layout with a unique design

-Individual design: layout of the cover with the selection of illustrations and an unlimited number of edits Book Cover Design

-Premium design: Includes up to three variants of design concepts reflecting the plot of the book

Unique design for your book


Select the difficulty level for the cover design

-Cover with the author’s illustration

-Cover created in the technique of photomontage, collage

-Cover with an illustration of an average complexity

-Cover with a complex illustration

-Extra options

Back and back cover design

-Text proofing for cover

-3 additional audits / cover versions

-Uniqueness: Bright and memorable cover, corresponding to the content of the book.

-Future sales: You pay for the design of the cover only 1 time, and potential readers will look at it constantly.

The accessibility of a pair of tickets to a theater will cost you more than a cover design for your book

To get quality illustrations, you need to make a detailed task for the artist. Our managers will help you in this. Decide which cover you need – electronic or printed, with an individual illustration, or with the information provided by you and pay for the service. After the formulation of the task the designer creates from 2 variants of the cover and shows them to you. The designer will create the third, final version of the cover, depending on your wishes.

If you want to make more corrections or see more cover options, you can pay them separately

Cover is ready. When the designer finishes the work, we will put the cover in your book and it will be ready for publication

Layout of the book

Qualitatively executed layout is another weighty argument in favor of the book being read by a potential reader. To do this, our experts think over everything to the smallest detail: each component of the publication is carefully verified and agreed with you. To realize your boldest ideas, we use advanced technologies, attract professional artists and designers. Within the framework of one design concept, we make an unlimited number of edits; as a result, the layout of the book will be exactly as you want it to be.

Simple layout: text does not contain complex elements: formulas, tables, lots of footnotes and multiple texts formatting

Template layout: ready template for the layout of the text without complex elements and the possibility of making changes, the minimum time and cost

Black and white layout: text contains complex elements: formulas, tables, figures and graphs, a large number of footnotes

– Black and white layout: text contains complex elements: a large number of footnotes and multiple text formatting

-Color layout: Use of color graphic and text elements, includes individual page design

-Color layout: The layout of children’s books in accordance with the requirements of SanPin, includes individual page design

Book Cover illustration Services:

Illustrations – this is the highlight of any publication. They make the book lively, interesting and pleasant to perceive. Stylized illustrations emphasize the spirit and the whole idea of ​​the book. We cooperate with illustrators working in different techniques, which allow you to colorfully and meaningfully draw up books of any subject. This service is especially relevant for gift editions and children’s books.

Color illustration: are located in the text of the book; can be performed in different techniques of execution; the scene from the book is displayed on the artist’s choice or at the author’s wish

Black and white illustrations: are optimal for black and white editions; after acquaintance with the text of the plot and the description of the heroes, the artist provides a sketch for reconciliation

Illustration of characters: Displays the main characters of the book; the artist provides his vision of the character by description in the form of a sketch, which is agreed with the author

Illustration on the cove: Reflects the climax of the moment, as well as its main characters, conveys the ideological content of the book according to the author’s intention or at the artist’s discretion