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Corporate video production Company in Bangladesh

Weprosys Limited is a leading Corporate video production Company in Bangladesh. For enterprises and commercial organizations, the creation of a corporate film is an integral part of intra-company communications. This approach ensures the reporting of the mission, the company’s development strategy to employees, partners, and consumers. To remove a corporate film on a turnkey basis of any complexity is one of the services of our company.

An example of the cost of shooting a corporate film

Estimated production of a corporate 10-minute video presentation

Script writing                                                                                      15 000 Taka

Shooting (1 shooting day):

Producer                                                                                               20 000 Taka

Operator + equipment (camera, tripod, microphone)                13 000 Taka

Lighting technician + light kit                                                          13 000 Taka

Make-up artist                                                                                     8 000 Taka

Buffet                                                                                                     4 000 Taka

Fare                                                                                                       5 000 Taka

Total:                                                                                                    59 000 Taka

Post production (5 shifts):

Installation, graphics, jibs, dies, color correction.                       50 000 Taka

Total:                                                                                                    50 000 Taka

Sound postproduction:

Speaker Fee (voiceover)                                                                       8 000 Taka

Sound design, selection of music                                                        6 000 Taka

Recording a narrator in the studio, mixing                                     3 000 Taka

Total:                                                                                                    17 000 Taka

Total:                                                                                                     145 000 Taka

Production of films (calculate the budget, make an audit of the shooting estimate)          Negotiated

Video editing (Non-linear video editing of any complexity)           from 3000 Taka

Rental of the installation station (Including the work of the installation director)                10000 Taka. / Change from 1000 p. / Hour

Rental of the installation station (without the director of installation)      3000 Taka / shift

Color Correction (Grading Retouch)                                                                         from 1000 p.

Computer graphics (2D animation, infographics)                from                                      1000 p. / s

Rotoscoping (Mask imposition on dynamic, moving objects in a static environment for subsequent separation and processing)         from 300 Taka per second

Keing (Separating objects from a uniform background (chroma))                              3000 p. / Min.

Production of corporate identity (screensavers, dies, beats, titles.)          2000 p. / Sec.

Record of synchronous noise (Record of original noise on special textures)          1500 p. / Hour

Selection or writing music (Selection of music for legal use. Writing original music by composers)               from 3000 Taka

Recording and mixing voiceover (Recording and mixing voice in all languages ​​of the world)           1500 p. / Hour

Corporate film about the company

Studio “Weprosys Limited” provides a range of services for video production and recording, offering competitive prices. Production of corporate films – a strategic direction of the studio.

A corporate film about your company is a tool for communication with customers, partners, employees of the organization. The purpose of the development of video production is a narrowly focused visual impact on the target audience. The subject line of the video depends on its purpose.

Subject models of corporate films:

-Familiarization (for new employees);



-Team achievements;

-History of the enterprise or institution;

-Staff training and more.

A well-designed, filmed, edited video can tell about experience, competitive advantages, technological lines, innovations and future plans of the company.

How to make a corporate movie?

Shooting a video involves setting tasks, defining a theme, such as narration. The cost of a corporate film depends on the duration, the chosen location, the number of entourage, shooting equipment and the persons involved.

All work takes place in the studio room or in the customer. If desired, the information movie corporate film served in a bright stylistic way. If necessary, we include the share of humor, animated plots, compose with graphic elements.

The process of creating a corporate film

Video production consists of:

-From the discussion of the details;

-Preliminary assessment;

-Calculation of estimates;

-Conclusion of the contract;

-script writing;

The preparatory phase;



How to order a corporate film from us?

The presentation video has an important advertising component, but due to the variety of directorial moves and the new technologies used, the video is free from obsession and freely perceived by the viewer.

Weprosys Limited helps to show the business in the right original way based on the wishes of the customer. We offer to order a corporate film about the company by phone or by sending us a message. We will call you back, discuss the nuances, the price, and make an appointment.

Why do we need the production of corporate films and to whom they are usually addressed?

Compare: you can give each employee a thick printout with safety instructions – or order a corporate film and present the same rules in a much more interesting format.

You can “please” partners or shareholders with a long, tedious performance, full of numbers – or show them a dynamic reporting video that clearly demonstrates your success.

You can send an e-mail greeting cards to the employees of the International Women’s Day by the International Women’s Day, or you can take a video greeting from the management with a sincere expression of disappointment that it is not possible to personally congratulate each charming lady.


In the world of simplified communication and unemotional communication, the most precious is human warmth and participation. Corporate media allow management to demonstrate a sincere interest in the lives of subordinates. High quality corporate video is very important – so that its content does not sound false, offended anyone and reached the mind and heart of each of the addressees.

The emotional aspect here is no less important than the technical aspect. As you know, in our era of information overload, the visual range is best perceived. Therefore, if you are looking for the most effective way to present information that is more effective than a movie or video, you will not find it.