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Corporate Video Editing Service

The video is increasingly the best way to promote your products / services in a clear and fast, thanks to social and video sharing platforms such as Facebook and YouTube video has become essential for your business, you can easily let you know and show what you do to increase and retain your potential customers.

Offered Services:

Motion Graphics 2d

Motion graphics 2d videos are very effective in promoting all those working categories that offer consulting or training services, thanks to this technique of animated illustrations you can tell and make simple complex and difficult concepts, you can show the functioning of a service or how you use a product.


Video production and post-production

Corporate videos


-Back stage of events / photo shoots



-Video tutorial

-Animated info graphics

-Title animation

-Logo animation

-Writing concept and storyboard creation

More and more, the common internet browser turns to the video to find information, rather than face reading long blog articles or many pages of text.

In addition, the push on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter has brought the videos to become viral, allowing them to be published in front of millions of people within short periods of time. For yours to be a successful site, high traffic to it is absolutely essential.

Interesting and engaging videos are a great way to create interest and increase the number of visitors to your site.


The Video Marketing Online makes it easy to create or strengthen the identity of your company. No paper tool is effective, fascinating and emotionally engaging like video. Corporate videos are a great way to build relationships of trust with viewers.

-Moreover, they allow you to add an extra dimension to the communication between the company and your potential customers.

-Most people need to see a product in action before they can understand how and why it works.

-For this reason, many cleaning, DIY or gardening products, for example, use practical demonstrations in shopping centers or TV commercials.

-The video marketing on sharing sites provide you a lot of exposure: YouTube, just to give one example, has more than 60 million visitors each day … more than any single person in our country!

-Viral marketing is a relatively new tool that works incredibly well when associated with video.

-The popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace also makes video sharing simple and immediate.

-Video interviews are a very effective and adaptable tool for various purposes, first of all to tell the story of a person, company, project, product, event or experience. They can also be very effective in the training field.

-Professional video editing the empathy that is naturally formed by listening to another person, lends itself much to simplifying the memorization of notions.

-They are also in an easily readable format to also create tutorials

In these insights we will see some useful notions for planning and producing an effective video interview.

Professional video editing service

The Weprosys Ltd. Team will take charge of video editing through editing programs such as  adobe premiere pro or final cut pro dealing with the improvement of audio tracks and the balancing of video quality through the use of professional and updated programs so as to create videos that can be spent on different platforms and able to create added value to the clients’ websites.

It will naturally be possible to study both the video project and the shooting of the same, so as to create a project that is also compatible with people or companies who are looking for a complete solution for the production of professional videos.

If you are interested in requesting a video production quote, you can call me directly Mobile. (+88) 01715749788 or write to me at to get an appointment or a consultation for the development of your online marketing related to the creation of videos.