Corporate Identity Is The Branding Of Your Company.

Corporate Identity Is The Branding Of Your Company.

Corporate identity is the combination of graphic, sound and color techniques that guarantee the identity of all products of the company. Buyers and partners perceive better not only products but also all the activities of a company that has its own unique corporate identity! And also distinguish the goods of such a company from among its competitors.

The concepts of “Corporate Identity “were formed relatively recently. But, even in antiquity, skillful craftsmen always put a personal brand on their products which conditionally can be equated with the modern logo.

Those nomadic peoples who from time immemorial used the stigma as a sign of property, put on their livestock a more or less unique “brand” sign in their region. It could be a “mark”, squeezed out or stamped in the form of an uncomplicated letter – the first letter of the owner’s name or surname, or a brand – in the form of a monogram plexus of letters-symbols of a whole kind of owners.

By the way, in Latin, the word brand – means exactly “brand”. This concept, due to its accuracy, has been so ingrained over the centuries of use that it is still used to determine one of the main concepts in marketing.

Already during the scientific and technological revolution, with an increase in the population, the development of the market and market relations, it became obvious that it was not enough to simply produce high-quality goodsIt is necessary to distinguish it among competitors with the help of certain elements. In connection with such a need, the concept of corporate identity gradually began to take shape – a number of graphic elements, company symbols printed on various material carriers that help create a unique image for the company in the eyes of customers. Starting from printing and letterhead, ending with the corporate form, as well as souvenirs and stationery with company symbols.

In the post-industrial era, the service sector has taken a position no less solid than the manufacturing one. The presence of a corporate identity, already at the very beginning of the existence of the service sector, was necessary for companies that provided professional services – hotels, company stores, transport companies, etc.

At that time, foreign companies also actively used corporate identity as an effective way of fair competition for the client. It is worth recalling such brands as Nike, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Coca Cola and McDonalds – they built their success precisely on the style and solidity of the graphic part of their positioning – on a memorable corporate identity. Now, even with the mere mention of the names of these companies, a certain visual image immediately arises, and, in some cases, evens a taste image!

Corporate Identity Definition

Corporate identity is a system-organized constant: artistic, graphic, font, color, acoustic, etc., providing the uniqueness of the company, as well as its products and services.

In scientific terminology, the corporate style is a holistic system of visual identification, which contributes to the formation of a positive image of the company, and enhances the effectiveness of its advertising contacts with the consumer. And also – it increases the trust of partners and contributes to the growth of positive glory of the company in the market.

Why do you need a corporate identity?

Many companies develop corporate identity on the principle: “corporate identity is modern and fashionable .” And some on the principle: ” since everyone has it, that means I need it .” Someone needs the corporate style for a beautiful presentation of the company – in the process of pre-sale preparation – the initial promotion campaign.

But, a real need for a high-quality corporate identity appears only when you fully understand the benefits and possibilities of its use! Corporate identity is necessary in order to , using the uniqueness of graphic and other constants, be able to stand out among competitors, become memorable and well recognizable . The sooner they begin to recognize you and experience positive emotions in relation to your symbolism, the faster they will begin to cooperate with you.

In addition, the better they recognize you, the less advertising you will need. Your advertisement will be everything that your symbolism will be applied on – letterheads, business cards, pens, key rings, cups, notebooks, envelopes, folders, etc. That is – everything that is already necessary for you in your daily activities, and when applying branding – gives everyday things a special meaning and helps to create a common corporate culture.

Remember the form – military or school – it disciplines, creates a certain monolithic image and dictates the general ordering of the rules of behavior, identifying people with the working or educational environment. The same role is played by corporate identity. Therefore, when conducting an advertising campaign, the presence of a beautiful and well thought out to the smallest detail corporate identity greatly increases the effectiveness of advertising giving it style integrity and clarity in perception.

That is, a clearly identifiable brand – easily takes a place in the consumer’s brain “library” ! Easy – because people are the best perceivers of what they fully understand and, at least to some extent, close! In other words, a high-quality corporate identity is a guarantee of passing “face control” into the consumer’s mind.

A competentbeautiful and harmonious corporate identity necessarily inspires confidence. And trust is the main factor in the beginning of cooperation in business. 

Corporate Identity Features

To begin the development of a corporate style , first of all, it is necessary to determine the features and integral elements that will become the basis of the company’s style. First of all the real image of the company with an emphasis on its individual characteristics. When developing a corporate identity, it is necessary to take into account that it is precisely by its “features” that both business partners and customers will be able to recognize and remember the company. The basis of corporate identity by defining the main colors and graphic elements that will be used in the design of all products and goods manufactured by the company.

The company logo is the basis of its corporate identity. The logo is a pronounced sign that the company is in the market for goods and services. Whether you use the logo as a trademark of the brand, or as an identifying element, it should always be a clear standard of your quality! Having seen the company logo, buyers must be sure that this product belongs to you!

To create a unique corporate identity of the company , the use of unique fonts is characteristic. Modern graphic editors in their standard configuration offer more than one hundred types of fonts! But, only when creating an individual font, the company provides itself with uniqueness and expressiveness against the background of the total mass of competitors.

However, the “standard” font is not a hindrance to uniqueness if when creating a text logo, the name of the company is supplemented by some unique graphic element. For example, a drawing, which, along with the name of the company will become part of the symbolism of the company?

The design of such a logo should be recognizable the first time and not be overloaded with unnecessary graphic or text information. The combination of the logo, as well as colors, textures, fonts and various graphic elements designed in certain proportions – this is the corporate identity of the company which you can be remembered the first time and become recognizable in the future.

Our task is to formalize your wishes and aspirations in the best possible graphic shell! Get ready with ideas , and remember that the corporate identity , corporate identity and logo design , you can always order in the branding agency “Weprosys” . We will do our job efficiently and with attention to your wishes! Creating a corporate identity is one of those profiles of our professional activity in which we have extensive experience and many ready-to-implement developments.

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