Control of Engineering Systems

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Control of Engineering Systems

The company Weprosys Limited offers design, installation and commissioning of dispatch systems. We are also developers of Smart IoT dispatching system.

Cloud scheduling

Industrial production, energy and transport, agriculture and urban infrastructure are industries that use IIoT technology. Remote monitoring and control equipment; sensor-driven supply chain and logistics, big data diagnostics are just some of the examples of successful use of IIoT technology. The company Weprosys Limited and its platform Smart IoT – implements for you revolutionary IIoT solutions that will help transform the business.

Industry Solutions Using Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT

Like the Internet of things (IoT), the industrial Internet of things (IIoT) consists of devices and infrastructure that exchange data over the Internet. However, the concept of IIoT refers to the technology of intelligent sensors in automated manufacturing and logistics processes. IIoT technology allows you to collect and analyze industrial equipment data in real time to obtain practically relevant information. IIoT applications can change the world.