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Outsource Content Management System (CMS) Services

Simple, fast and flexible

-Create your pages and insert all the contents by placing them easily in the position you prefer

-You do not have to select a priori if your site will be one, two or three columns; the template -automatically adapts according to the layout of the content you have inserted on the page

-Manage your articles

-Display your documents

-Configure your image albums

-Manage your contacts

-All changes are immediately online without annoying publication procedures

Custom domain

Do you want to have the site that responds to your domain (eg

-Your site can respond to a personal domain and to third-level domains of both Weprosys Ltd. and your domain.

-The remarkable elasticity of our framework allows you to make your site respond to multiple domains and sub domains at the same time, each potentially with a different graphic theme.


Custom forms

-Design your tables

-Acquire information related to your tables

-View / manage the acquired information

-If you want to capture your users with particular data, you can link a custom table to that of system users

Reserved Area

It is often necessary to have a part of the site not accessible to all users.

In addition to the default “Groups” “Anonymous user” and “Registered User”, the framework makes it possible to configure custom Groups and associate them with one or more users.

The display of each page, each section (part of the page) and even each menu item can be optionally restricted to one or more “groups”.

It thus becomes extremely simple to create different pages or parts of the site that can be used on an anonymous or authenticated basis. The pages of Registration, Login, User Profile and Password forgotten,

Site management in different languages

With the framework you can “localize” your site in any language you want.

Enable “Multilanguage Management” in the configuration of the site

Create your pages in the default language

Use the “Page Location” feature to automatically duplicate existing pages of one language into another.

The function duplicates selected pages and contents (sections) including the menu.

You just have to do the translations of the contents.

It indicates a Home Page for each different language and the appropriate “Language Selection” section inserted in the pages you think opportune (typically in the Home Page of each language) will allow you to pass in the part of the site in the desired language

If you want, your site configured in different languages, can also respond to different domains, for example,,,, etc.

… and if a language you have not supported is not a problem: the “Google Translate” section can be inserted into your pages and configured to automatically translate the contents into the other languages ​​you want!


-Need to send periodic newsletters to your registered users?

-With Weprosys Ltd. it is possible!

-Create the email template

-Select the users you want to send the newsletter to

-Send the newsletter to all selected users simply by clicking

-The email can be customized to the customer through macro-substitutions

-100% customizable graphics and Web Responsive

-Choose the right template for you and for your site, we offer you many graphic designs all web responsive that will adapt to desktops, tablets and PCs

-If you do not need the graphic themes we suggest you can search for the one you like best on the web

-Use Bootstrap technology to develop your web pages

-In addition to being able to choose the graphic template you prefer, we allow you to modify it in all its parts

-You can manage all the components of your template directly from the Control Panel or if you prefer to use your usual tools you can download the template locally, modify it and republish it through an FTP client

-A good knowledge of HTML and CSS is required to take full advantage of these possibilities


-Do you want to know who visits your site?

-Do you want to know which pages are preferred by your users?

-Do you want to know where your users are coming from (direct traffic, from search engines or from advertising campaigns)?

Weprosys Ltd. has chosen integration with Google Analytics.

Simply by signing up for free at Google Analytics you will be issued with a code that, inserted in the appropriate domain configuration section, will allow you to track all the accesses to the pages of your site.

You will have at your disposal the most disparate and interesting statistics to understand “who”, “how” and “when” is interested in the content proposed on your site.