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Content Editing and Proofreading Services

To better understand what our professional editing and proofreading service consists of it is best to start from the basics first. What do we mean by the word “editing”? Editing” means the revision of a text the drafting of a piece of paper in preparation for printing.The writer knows how important the correction of the text is both from the formal and the content point of view – we will see shortly in what terms – so that the work can be presented completely “impeccable” when it is proposed to a publisher. Our Company moves exactly from this point of view – without ever leaving aside the stylistic and expressive imprint of the author – and it does so by setting its work on three levels of analysis and intervention on the text:

Proofreading: preliminary phase in which the Editor carries out with a high degree of attention and precision a sort of formal “cleaning” of the text identifying and remedying cases of typos typos grammatical syntactic etc. by applying and standardizing in the body of the script the most common and consolidated editorial standards in the editorial field without intervening from the point of view of content and above all without altering in any way the author’s expressive choices.

Formal editing: phase in which the Editor performs a stylistic analysis of the text thus dealing with the modalities with which the author expresses the contents he intends to convey. Among the main categories of intervention of this nature we report by way of example respect for the verbal and lexical repetitions correctness in the use of punctuation articulation – between main and subordinate sentences – of periods for better to ensure smoothness and fluidity to the text etc. All this we reiterate always respecting the author’s expressive choices.

Content editing: phase in which the Editor correctly defined and identified the target audience of the work analyzes and identifies any possible content imperfections such as logical inconsistencies semantic errors inaccuracies in the space-time collocation of the treated events verification of sources of citations etc. In this phase the Editor Studies and reasons furthermore possible overall improvements of the text aimed at qualitatively raising the work offering the author this last type of suggestions strictly in the form of advice.


In short so detailed our professional editing and proofreading service guarantees an excellent final result performed with meticulous attention competence and professionalism.

Each work is read and analyzed according to the criteria described above by at least two different editors so as to avoid that the eye of a single professional can “get used” to the text and let it escape typos or any other type of error / imperfection.

The readings of the text are initially two – except for particular cases that may require further revisions – and at the end of our work the author will be sent via e-mail a first draft of his writing with the reports of interventions / suggestions on the text made by our Editor; interventions that the author will be free to confirm or reject.

Once we receive the author’s response to our first interventions the text will be redirected to one of our editors who will make the changes reported and reasoned together.

At the end of this phase the text will be turned again to the author for a second confirmation until a mutually agreed final version is reached.

The costs of our professional editing and proofreading service can be paid in a single solution at the start of the work when in two installments to be paid in the following way: half of the sum at the start of the works the second half after the first confirmation of the author before the final draft.

Below is our rate card:

Why have your manuscript corrected?

The draftsman is a professional figure specialized in performing correction services both for private individuals and for newspapers or companies that deal with publishing services. When a person submits their text to a proofreading service he can get three advantages:

  1. Increase of the possibility of publication

The typos and grammatical errors are the first warning signs identified by the publishing houses which can lead to the rejection of a text. With a first phase of correction you can already increase the probability of publication exponentially almost 80%.

  1. Create more appreciable and readable content

Readers both on the web and on paper stop and read more readily and easily readable text rather than a text full of errors which can slow them down and annoy them ruining their reading experience.

A book a newspaper article or a blog article reviewed by a proofreader has more possibilities to be read to the end and be appreciated.

  1. Self-publish successful books

Following the correction your text will be free of any errors and misprints and will therefore be ready for self-publication. In this way your manuscript will be much more likely to be read and appreciated.

How proofreading is done

Although the correction  is a superficial activity aimed at correcting the typical typos and printing errors I will deal with checking and correcting many aspects of the text including: spelling punctuation syntax vocabulary respect for the rules and so on .

What I do is a complete attentive and professional service that will allow you to hold in your hands a perfect text ready for publication.

Paper correction

This mode provides the sending of the draft directly by post in paper format or in digital format by mail (which will be printed as soon as received).

At this point I will start the service reading and correcting directly on paper applying the marks and symbols of proofreading with the red pen.

The correct draft will be sent by registered mail and attached the legend of the signs and symbols used.

Digital correction

In this mode the text to be corrected will be sent by email in the preferred digital format (word pdf etc.). Text correction can be performed in two different ways:

Through the “revision” tool of Word which allows you to highlight in red each change made.

Correcting the elaborate in a definitive way without being able to see which corrections have been performed.

Prices and rates of the service:

Below you will find the costs and standard rates for corrections which may be modified according to the length of the works or promotions in force.

–  Paper correction: $ 2.5 if you want to receive it by mail / mail with pen (15-30 days)

–  Digital correction: $ 2 per folder (15-30 days)

–  Speedy correction: + $ 0.4 per folder (within 15 days)

* An editorial folder consists of 1800 characters or 1800 characters (including spaces).

Estimate for proofreading services

By filling out the form that you find next you can ask for a completely free estimate for text correction services. To facilitate the procedure I invite you to immediately communicate the number of folders in your text. The correction will be carried out in about 15-30 working days both for paper and digital formats depending on the length of the elaborate.