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Comprehensive Marketing – A Tool to Grow Your Profits

Performance Marketing is a tool to achieve a goal expressed in profit : for example, 500 orders from a site per week or sales for 500,000 Taka a month. Performance Marketing does not solve long-term problems. Making a long-term strategy or increasing brand loyalty is another service. What is important is what is happening here and now .

What are we doing?

We manage the advertising of your project to achieve your goals. In the process of work, we are based on end-to-end analytics: analyzing data that tracks the client’s full path, starting from the first “touch” to repeat sales.

How do we do it?

You set a goal 

Measurable in specific business indicators

We find ways to achieve

We analyze all business processes and develop a strategy.

Run performance marketing

We reach the goal


Who needs it?

You need Performance marketing if:

-there is a site, but there are no customers;

-there are clicks, but no calls;

-incomprehensible advertising effectiveness;

-too expensive leads (advertising does not pay off);

-no time to develop the site;

-You have tried many different advertising management strategies, but none of them suits you completely.

“In Performance Marketing, you cannot act on patterns or formulas. Each segment has its own specifics and its own audience. Therefore, for each business, we develop a separate strategy and adjust it in real time based on data from analytics systems.”

– Syed Shakil, Weprosys Limited


What exactly are we doing?


We study the strengths of your product / service and brand; We understand what is important for your audience; We study how the sale process. We investigate the sales channels and advertising channels involved: as a result, we come to understand which actions are effective and which are not.


After analysis, it is clear what and to whom sells your business. Now you need to determine how to do it correctly. We develop an individual strategy to attract and retain customers. We select suitable sales channels, taking into account the presence of customers and performance. We select the most effective tools to attract customers: Facebook, Instagram, contextual advertising in Google Bing and Yandex retargeting.


Everything we do will be clear to you and your staff at every stage. You will see what tasks are being performed, how the budget is spent and whether goals are being achieved. You will have access to target indicators: conversions, contact points, budget allocation volumes, lead cost.


The process is controlled in real time: we redistribute the budgets between the promotion channels, adjust the rates and achieve the minimum cost per click. We analyze all conversions and then make changes.


In which we will prescribe all indicators: budget expenditure, the number of conversions for each channel, assessment of the effectiveness of sales channels. Based on these data, we are working on new strategies aimed at improving performance in the next period.

Cooperation procedure

One : Your application with a brief description of the business, goals and objectives

Two: Chatting with the manager via phone (20-30 minutes)

Three: Getting access to Google and Bing Analytics and Yandex.Metrica

Four: Formation of a commercial proposal with plans for a specified period

Five: Signing a contract

Six: Payment of the Part Advance

Seven: Start of work

What is the performance strategy made of?


  • Technical audit of the site;
  • Usability-site audit for later correction;
  • Correction of detected errors in the audit;
  • Competitive environment analysis;
  • Collect semantic core;
  • Development of site structure based on semantics and demand structure;
  • Configuring analytics systems;
  • Preparing a strategy.


  • Optimization of page meta tags;
  • Optimization of meta tags of images;
  • Analysis and optimization of the speed of loading pages;
  • Find and eliminate duplicate pages;
  • Optimization of page headers according to the relevance map;
  • Implementation on the site of microdata;
  • Optimization of graphic images;
  • Create and configure robots.txt;
  • Create or customize sitemap.xml;
  • Preparation and placement of content on the site;
  • Organization of internal linking scheme;
  • Forming a reference profile.


  • We will assemble the semantic core and divide the keys into ad groups;
  • Select negative keywords, cross-minus one, add keys to your account;
  • Create an ad;
  • Add ad extensions;
  • Place tags on the tracking template;
  • Set a daily budget and keyword bids;
  • We will re-adjust the campaign;
  • Launch advertising campaigns;
  • We will monitor the effectiveness of running advertising campaigns;
  • Configure retargeting on site visitors;
  • Following the results of the first month of the work of advertising campaigns, we will draw up a report with a calculation of the spent budgets and KPIs achieved and recommendations for further campaign management.


  • We will develop hypotheses and build a target tree with which we will work in the first iterations;
  • We will formulate USP, values, messages for each audience;
  • Configure the audience in the advertising office;
  • Let’s set up analytics systems. (a bunch of Google Analytics, Calltracking, Owox and pixel advertising cabinets);
  • Let’s make a plan for launching advertising campaigns of various types and placements;
  • We will make ads;
  • Develop creative;
  • Launch advertising campaigns;
  • We will monitor the effectiveness of running advertising campaigns;
  • During the entire period of advertising, we will monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns at least once every 3 working days, disable less effective ones and develop new ads / campaigns based on effective ones in order to avoid audience burnout;
  • We will develop a retargeting strategy for different segments of website visitors, depending on their behavior and “warmth”;
  • Configure retargeting on site visitors;
  • Following the results of the first month of the work of advertising campaigns, we will draw up a report with a calculation of the spent budgets and KPIs achieved and recommendations for further campaign management.


  • Create a strategy to attract subscribers;
  • We form a lead magnet;
  • We collect the e-mail of the target audience and form the base of addresses;
  • We segmented the audience;
  • We write letters and set up automatic chains;
  • We develop a distribution strategy (regular and trigger);
  • Close the deal.


  • Account Manager is always in touch;
  • Transparent work plans and control over the execution of tasks due to access to the CRM-system;
  • Prompt troubleshooting;
  • Completion of the site functionality;
  • Placement of content on the site.


  • All tasks (completed, current and planned) are available in CRM;
  • Reports with the required degree of detail we form at the request of the client;
  • We provide plans for the next period.

What do you get as a result of implementing integrated online marketing?

Performance – based marketing – a tool for solving your business problems

Lead growth : We provide targeted traffic: as a result, the site has not only visitors, but also real applications.

Promotion in search results : We provide high-quality SEO-site optimization: we prepare content that both potential customers and search engines “love”.

Professional online advertising strategy: We do not use templates – a strategy is developed specifically for your business. We use several advertising channels.

Saving advertising budget: We constantly analyze the effectiveness of campaigns: as a result, we no longer use the budget-burning channels.

Measurable results: You will know how much a lead costs; what budget is spent on a particular channel; what are KPIs.

Do you want to start?

Performance-based marketing is: 

Marketing strategy in a single service: Ordering one service, you get a set of channels. All of them will work to achieve your goal.

Transparency of work: We will give you access to the CRM system and therefore you will always be aware of what works have been done, what are in process and what are still to be done. You will understand what money is spent on.

Team of experts: Experts of our agency will work on achieving your goals: digital-strategist, SEO-specialist, SMM, content marketing specialist. Actions of all experts are coordinated – they work as a team.


 The cost of each project consists of the cost of setting up and maintaining applied advertising channels.

Landing Page Development 

From 86,800 Taka


SEO promotion

From 36, 000 Taka

15 working hours per month


Setting up contextual advertising

From 36,200 Taka

(Excluding advertising budget)


Targeted advertising setting

From 32 400 Taka

(Excluding advertising budget)

 Cooperation details

Some questions that we often ask before signing a contract

What are the job guarantees?

The agency guarantees what it will do, when and how. Payment for work is measured in USD or Taka, without additional fee. All traffic, attracted leads and sales from them – everything belongs to the client.

How much does advertising campaigns cost?

The labor costs for advertising for low seasonality services and, for example, a club with a constantly changing program is different despite the same volume of requests and advertising budget. Therefore, we do not have tariffs for keeping “depending on the number of keys”.

The cost of the agency’s work is transparent: 1 specialist hour = 2400 Taka‚

Setting up contextual and targeted advertising takes at least 20 hours per channel. As a rule, experts spend more, but this time is not paid by you, as well as the cost of management in the first month. During this month, we will not only conduct the initial optimization of campaigns, but also draw up a work plan for the next months and calculate how much time you need to devote to your project.

As a rule, the cost of doing
– contextual advertising in Google and Bing and Yandex amounts to 25,000 Taka – 50,000 Taka
– Only in  Google  is 33,200 Taka – 95,000 Taka
– targeted advertising on the 1st network 12,000 Taka – 48,000 Taka
– targeted advertising in several advertising channels 25 000Taka  – 95 000Taka

Can I pay only for leads?

Yes. From the 3rd month from the launch of the advertising channel, if we fulfill your obligations to make the necessary improvements to the site to track conversions, we can sign an additional agreement in which:
– we indicate the maximum cost of the lead;
– The minimum number of leads (within the budget) per month;
– The minimum percentage of conversion from visitors to leads.
In case of non-compliance with the terms of the additional agreement – you do not pay for our services

How to check the work of the agency?

– You will get access to the project management system, communication in which is legally significant under our contract;
– You will get access to all advertising offices and used analytics systems;
– In the event that control of tasks through the project management system is not enough for you or your management, you can request monthly reports in the form convenient for you and with the data you need.

What will happen if I do not like it and we stop cooperation?

Upon termination of the contract, for any reason, our clients receive all the intellectual property objects created in the course of cooperation: audits, reports, recommendations, TK and texts as a folder on a Google drive. Your next contractor. We store and provide data on completed projects for at least a year.

Work with us comfortably

Unique transparent processes

-We give access to the project management system.

-You see all the tasks performed by the project, not just monthly reports.

-You communicate not only with your account manager, but also with the entire project team.

-Receive notifications by mail or in Telegram about each important event.

Leave a request – we will contact you.
We will help you achieve your goals.