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Development of commercial websites for startups.

-When “fast” does not mean “bad”.
-We make a website and bring first customers in 1 month


Start a new business or go online for the first time? Are you testing a new niche?

Is your starting budget limited and you want to get the most out of it?
We know what to do!

Let’s be honest

A high-quality business tool (and the site is exactly the tool) is made long and expensive. Preparation of TZ, development of a structure based on semantics, prototyping of the interface, drawing the design, development of TK for texts, preparation and placement of content, coordination of all stages … It’s good if the site manages to be released in production in 4 months, but often it takes half a year or more. The result is a really cool and unique product. And if you invest an amount comparable to the cost of development and wait another six months, then you can attract a lot of organic traffic to it, which will pay off in the future for several years (by the way, we can do it ).

If you are reading this page, most likely you don’t have half a year left in the budget or corresponding budgets, but there is a product in stock or services that you need to sell yesterday. But this does not mean that you are ready to invest in the development of the site, which in six months will have to be redone or that you do not need organic traffic at all.

At Weprosys Limited, we often encounter such requests and have developed an optimal solution for such a case.

Syed Mohammad Shakil

Agency Head

How it works?


If there is a formed demand for your product (they are looking for it in a search), then the structure should be developed on the basis of clustered semantics.

This is cheaper than redoing the entire site, plus it will allow you to grab some search traffic.

If you still don’t know about your product, you probably don’t need a multi-page website. We do a landing, for example on


Let’s get serious.

 Riding with minimal expense is a website on a template. And not on the one you liked visually, but on the one that requires a minimum of programmer time for customization.


We analyze what commercial factors are important in a niche. We write down the claims of SEOs to the template.

Yes, this is not a site specification, but a task for finalizing the template. It’s enough.


Up to three weeks depending on the workload of programmers.


Texts on several key pages are written by a copywriter (and immediately according to TK, based on semantics). We import products from your base from the supplier’s site or otherwise automate them. Meta tags are generated based on semantics and structure.


Ok, how about the site for 3 weeks is understandable. And lead generation?


The same effect sites that come on promotion, reach in the first 3-4 months of work.

Let me remind you, we do not just “site on the template.” At the time of launch, we have no technical problems that prevent indexing and good ranking of the site; the structure corresponds to the semantics and spells out most of the meta tags.

The same effect sites that come on promotion, reach in the first 3-4 months of work. To do well is easier than redoing.

Such sites, even without further promotion, will receive free traffic on low competitive inquiries 2-3 months after launch.

Stage 2. Launch advertising campaigns

-Semantics and media planning

Semantics have already been collected at the site planning stage. For context, it needs to be reclustered – not by TOPs, but by intents, but this is faster than collecting from scratch.
A realistic media plan for contextual advertising will be calculated in parallel with the development of the site.

-Development of contextual advertising campaigns

Campaigning before the launch site is impossible. But – not in the case when the site is developed in the same agency. We know in advance the structure of the site, the content of categories, url landing and collect advertising campaigns simultaneously with the site.

-Targeted Advertising

If at the stage of setting the task we come to the conclusion that there is no formed demand for a product or service, or it is a product of “emotional demand” – we launch targeted advertising in one or several social networks. Media planning, the preparation of creative and campaigns are made in parallel with the development of the site.

Total: from 3 to 7 weeks before the launch of the site and advertising campaigns.


Are there any restrictions?

Such well-coordinated and fast work is possible only with a competent task and consolidation of the efforts of the agency and the client.

We will not take your project without a clear marketing task (but we will help to formulate it when discussing the project). What do you want to sell, to whom, what is the product of UTP? First we determine, then we do.

We will work quickly and with a minimum of approvals. We will place callbacks, one-click orders or reviews if they affect the ranking in the subject area, but we will not “play with fonts” or move the “logo 3 pixels left”. Our task is to launch sales as quickly as possible, rather than “make beautifully”.

We will not return to the completed stages (for example, to revise clustering at the stage of writing texts). This is the only way to meet the stated deadlines.

The work within this proposal is based on your trust and our expertise. So you can achieve the stated goals.

Prices for the development and promotion of the site

The cost of each project is calculated individually.

Landing Page: From 86000 Taka

On or wordpress or any cms

Multi-page website: From 200000 Taka

Optimized website based on a template

Context setting: From  33000 Taka

Based on the semantics collected for site development

Targeted Advertising: From 43,000

Based on hypotheses made when designing a landing