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Children’s Book Illustration Services

Would you like to have your self-written children’s book illustrated with beautiful pictures? You have written a book for your child, your grandson, your parents or friends and are looking for beautiful pictures that also show elements of the life of the characters?

Need someone who also looks over the text and gets it all done, so you only have to pick up the finished book from the print shop or copy service of your choice? We have already illustrated more than 80 projects in the past ten years, and you may also want to give away or sell your story in print.


We help companies, publishers, authors and anyone who wants to make a children’s book to create illustrations that go away like hotcakes. A creative illustration opens the door to another world and makes things appear in different light. Written words become fantastic pictures. They let your viewer tell stories and dreams.

The art of illustration is the communication between art, graphic design and communication design

Our Services:



-Text correction

-Manuscript (figures, plot, plot , development, etc.)

-Layout (up to the communication with the printer)

-Creativity so that the little ones let their imagination fly

We make children’s illustrations for books and stories. If you are an independent author with a children’s self-publishing project or if you are part of a publishing company and you need an illustrator, we can work together. We are also a graphic designer company and we can carry out the entire editorial process from the layout to the cover design.

Budget question of illustrations of applications and games for ipad and Android tablet for children or eBooks for children and youth. Working together with the programmers for an optimal result, jobs are delivered adapting to the demanded formats like .svg or .ai. eps.

We illustrate educational projects and public or private training. Textbooks, informative guides or awareness campaigns for young people and children. Child illustrator for stories and advertising campaigns aimed at children. We are an illustrator of institutional campaigns and events for children as well as packaging of products and children’s games at an affordable price.

If you need children’s illustrations for your fashion collection of children’s clothes we can also help you. We make illustrations with traditional or digital techniques and vector illustration.

For children’s books, products, agencies and advertising

All illustrations are individual little artworks designed and illustrated with love. we work with mixed media, digital on Our Wacom tablet as a vector graphic or as an illustration in Photoshop. Alternatively, very classic with colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic, Copic, Line art or Airbus

We also offer

Relative illustration: Individually designed illustrations. Either digitally or with an analog medium such as watercolor, pencil, airbrushes, ink, copic, acrylic.

Editing and proofreading:  On spelling, grammar, typography, style, punctuation and factual correctness.

Professional print preparation: All products are professionally processed for printing. Gladly in cooperation with our in-house printing as offset or digital printing.

Layout, graphics and design: With a keen sense of the right layout and font, we put your manuscript, business card, poster or logo in the right light.

100% craftsmanship: All illustrations are created individually by artist hands. With over 9 years of experience, many children’s books have been created for all ages. Every book is a little work of art.

Courses for art and animation: You want to brush up on your knowledge or something new to learn? Talk to us and we’ll help you build your skills.