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Character Design Services

Our designers do not use templates and draw by hand! Design-mock-ups of the character are provided as necessary one copy after abandoning the concept of the current layout. The number of improvements is not limited – the creation of the character is conducted until the full approval of one of the layouts. Our designers do not use templates and draw by hand as you can see by sketching sketches in the form of pencil sketches. We work without days off – order a character or character design today!


Active discounts!

After the development of the “Character Package” such services as website design website and online store design advertising design and printing layout as well as site promotion and other services will be developed taking into account a constant 10% discount.

By the end of the work

You are provided with a set of source materials which contains:

-2d or 3d character or symbol in vector format;

-Character or symbol for use in office applications;

-File with the numbers of the used color scale;

-Font file or font (if any name is compatible with the symbol).

-The process of creating a character.

-Receipt of terms of reference and draft contract from the customer.

If you chose “Package Character” for your work you need to: study the contract and the brief and fill out these documents without stamps and signatures in “MSword” send us by email. mail for approval. Or you can send an application from our website and we will send the documents for preliminary approval in the reply letter.

Harmonization of the terms of reference and the contract.

After receiving the draft documents our specialists will get acquainted with them and if necessary ask questions for clarification of possible details. Next the format of the character or symbol being developed is coordinated (2D or 3d format). Upon the fact of agreement between the treaty and the brief by both sides we will offer several options for signing them.

Signing of the agreement and prepayment of 50% (any types of settlements).

Creation of a character or symbol according to the technical task.

The first sketches are provided for four days. If the provided sketches do not suit the customer – no later than 4 days later a new character design is provided any modifications and adjustments are also accepted without additional payment until the approval of one of the layouts. Online development of the character is possible.

Final settlement (50%) and signing of the acceptance-transfer certificate.

After the approval of the layout and the signing of the act all the source materials (in the formats required for further use) are transferred to the customer. Creation of the character is done in pre-agreed formats due to the tasks for its use.

Development of a character in our design studio.

Creating a character – a symbol of the Company or the Organization we offer in a short time and with the guarantee of uniqueness of work! Do you plan an event or need a symbol for a sports team or club?

Your business or product needs a memorable individual style of advertising?

Do you want to visualize the face of the Company but do not want to overpay for renting the “person” of the Company to agencies or models?

In these and other cases the ideal solution is the development of your own character (character) which will personalize your event team club or company. Our studio marketing specialists will help you create a character design (2d and 3d characters or characters) that will characterize your corporate style and direction of business event or any other your initiative! Professionally created character design will become a bright individual solution for which you do not need to pay a lot of money or rent on the contract; it will be your property.

We create 2d and 3d characters and characters since 2009. Specialists of our studio will help you to create a task for developing a character for your individual task and will offer solutions based on your wishes. Creating a character is more complicated and voluminous work than the design of a logo or the creation of a trademark but in this case we offer neither one nor two and not three options but we design the character before the full approval of the layout without additional payment. That is why unlike the work on other “Packages” of corporate style when preparing for the work of the “Package Character” we are working on drafting the technical task with the customer before signing the contract and completely free of charge!