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Catalogs and Magazines Design Services

Catalogs and Magazines Design Services. Our team at the service of your needs. Tell us how you want your corporate magazine to be and we do it. Web design budgets. Product catalogs. We develop web catalogs capable of managing an online set of easily update able products and services. Web design proposal. Cover design of catalogs. Our designers will make the cover you need completely customized to your specifications. Technical support. Certified professionalism. Leave the design of your catalog in our hands, we will not disappoint you, we have more than 15 years of experience. SEO in search engines. We advise you during the whole design process and send the proposals, advances and corrections of the work punctually.


Graphic design of promotional magazines

There is a great variety of magazines dedicated to a multitude of topics: cultural, gastronomic, business … But they all have something in common; his design.

It is a prerequisite to put all the attention in the elaboration of the graphic design of magazines and catalogs, so that the reader’s interest is awakened to know more and to keep coming. Creating a harmony between content, text and images and a careful appearance is the key to success. Although, it is also important to have unique photographs to differentiate your project from the rest.

Whether your idea is the creation of digital entertainment magazines, or is dedicated to providing business services, we can help; we have the experience you need and we have our own printing for your orders.

Of course, designing an online magazine involves additional services such as advertising and SEO positioning, services that Weprosys ltd provides with full guarantee.

Our team knows how to make graphic design in magazines original. A promotional or corporate magazine is one of the most necessary tools of any company, since it not only recreates all the benefits of it, but also classifies all the products of your company according to price, quality of material or sections.

That your business has an expert team in the design of original magazines is essential, since it is responsible for ensuring that the reader does not get bored.

Graphic design of catalogs and printed

To highlight the content you disseminate, at Weprosys Ltd. we focus on branding solutions such as the design of product catalogs . This is where your customers can peacefully observe the full range of articles and / or services that you offer without the need to travel, directly from home. This is the initial step which leads the consumer to decide to make the purchase.

While it is important to have quality catalogs and magazines, it is even more important to know where to locate them. For this, you will also need a web page or portal, in which we will include various services related to your company (such as the interaction between your company’s professionals and clients) and we will add an online store to bring your products first hand to your customers. Think that in your online portal you can include all the services that you have not been able to highlight in the design of the cover of your catalog or in its interior.

We are here to help you. Our team of graphic designers and expert photographers dedicate themselves completely to your project until it is put into operation. Tell us what you need, we will be happy to relate your brand with a quality corporate image that reflects all your values.

Appearance is not a problem for us, because we know where people go and why. Trust Weprosys Ltd.; we take care of turning your idea into a beautiful project.

Graphic design professionals

Weprosys Ltd. offers you the opportunity to have professionals in different fields to make your business known. It does not matter if what you want is a digital or physical magazine; we take care of designing and designing it. If what you prefer is an online catalog to show your products to thousands of customers with needs, or if you need a corporate logo that reflects the activity of the company; we offer them to you. Our team has professionals in graphic designed web, digital photography, experts in communication and web positioning, positioning in social networks … Everything that can help to achieve the success of your brand we offer in Weprosys Ltd. Why go to several sites to get what we only offer in one? We start your project and we take it to the end. Stay with who knows your idea and bet on it. Stay with us.

Catalog design: Prices and services

-Specification form: We send a form to collect all the characteristics of the design of the catalog / magazine.

-Follow-up of results: We send the partial advances and the results of the modifications of the catalog / magazine.

-Advice: We advise you in case you have doubts about the design of the catalog / magazine.

-Attractive layout: We structure the content of the catalog / magazine in the most appropriate way for the reader.

-Printing: Our press service offers you a competitive price and quality results.

-Adapted corporate image: We adapt the corporate graphic image of the company to the catalog / magazine.

-Deadlines: We are committed to meeting the deadlines offered when submitting each budget.

-Catalog format: We deliver the catalog / magazine in PDF format or in the extension previously agreed.

-Adjusted prices: We offer you a final price adjusted to your specific needs.

-Delivery: We deliver the requested print order to the address requested within the specified period.