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Cash Flow Management Services

To keep the business afloat, one profit is not enough. The company must have money to pay their bills. Balanced cash flow is the “financial health” of any enterprise. Manage it – clearly plan the actions in the right sequence, so that your business is profitable.

Violation of financial equilibrium due to uncontrolled cash flow – the actual receipts and expenditures of money in real time, will inevitably lead to a budget deficit. Possible losses lie in wait at every step: inflation, unprofitable investment, or vice versa – the moment of profitable placement of money is missed, which has closed the way to additional income. As a result, the insolvency of an organization is a direct threat to its bankruptcy, or the loss of a significant share of its market.


Of course, every entrepreneur has his own plans for business development. However, there are rules, non-observance of which leads to depressing consequences. In practice, to make profit from doing business is somewhat easier than directly managing money in the company.

What then is the effective tool to manage the cash flows of your enterprise? So, to quickly find out – what is the balance / surplus of money, where is this or that amount of money spent? And where are the guarantees that the reports received are generally true? To overcome these difficulties, you will benefit from the knowledge and practical experience of the financiers of the RBO company. We will gladly share our experience and experience by providing professional services in the organization of cash flow management.

Cash flow analysis is the main priority

Economic stability of business is a high level of its financial stability. This is a potential that is impossible without self-financing of the enterprise. And it can be achieved by analyzing the cash flow, so that it can then be competently managed and regularly increased.

The balance of the inflows and outflows of money in the enterprise, their synchronization in time – this is a guarantee of liquidity of the company, concluded in the productive use of money. The estimation of cash flows will show the real financial state of the business, and also – whether the company has the necessary reserves, so that at the right moment it has enough money. Based on the analysis of the company’s cash flow, a detailed report will be drawn up – information that is extremely important to the manager, as well as to investors and creditors.

Cash flow objects

The company’s activity is the successful work of various financial directions, which form cash flows – the receipts and expenditures of finance.

Operating activity is the largest source of profit for the enterprise. Its budget is money that is circulated daily: in the production, distribution and sale of goods.

Investment activity – characterizes future incomes. Here – the cash flows are directed to the purchase of equipment, structures, plots of land, etc.

Financial activities – cash flows from external investors (banks, shareholders), investing in the development of new projects for your business.

Payment schedule

Reminds of obligations. Ensure financial equilibrium.

The carried out analysis of cash flows in all areas of the company’s activities will allow the introduction of a money flow accounting tool in the financial management system – a payment calendar. Support the balance of financial flows can only be its planning – short-term, but reflecting all the company’s work processes, its limitations and opportunities.

An economically justified and approved payment calendar is an effective plan to manage cash flows. It solves specific problems by determining the true financial receipts, and mandatory payments in the current month with a clear structure broken down into days or weeks, controls the cash limits distributed and established for the created financial responsibility centers.

Short-term financial planning (in the form of a payment calendar) is allowed in different types and degrees of detail. Invariably one – he is obliged to reflect all information about inflows and outflows of money, about their remains with the daily breakdown. Reports compiled from the data of the payment calendar will prompt the financier the probability of cash gaps and the time of their appearance, or – a surplus of cash. This will help him to immediately change the plan for future payments.

-Financial flexibility of the company – key aspects

-Prompt and competent management of cash flows;

-Increase sales; minimize costs of company resources;

-Reduction of business needs in external loans through rational self-financing, full control of existing credit obligations, increased investor confidence;

-Increase in the company’s capital turnover;

-Reduction of risks leading to insolvency of the organization;

-The emergence of free (even on time!) resources of the company for profitable investments that provide additional profit.

The services of RBO experts in the field of financial and economic consulting are the accurate analysis, competently and effectively organized cash flows of your business activity. You can not only achieve financial well-being, but also get effective prerequisites for successful business development in the future.


Development of the rules for agreeing payments and payment schedules 30 Dollar.

Development of rules for determining the priority of payments 30 Dollar.

Development of a payment calendar 20 Dollar.

Development of a register of applications for payment 10 Dollar.