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Call Center Outsourcing Services

Call-center services on outsourcing: incoming and outgoing communication

Why do companies outsource the call center?

Outsourcing of call center services allows the organization to free up financial and labor resources to concentrate efforts on existing tasks requiring increased attention, as well as to develop new lines of business.

Outsourcing contact center is actively used to promote the company’s products to the retail market. Telemarketing and telemarketing services are becoming more popular. Many companies prefer to give projects for questioning, searching for customers and mass phone sales for outsourcing. In many cases, this approach is more beneficial, since it does not require the maintenance of its own staff of call center operators.

Weprosys Ltd. have long placed their call centers in countries with cheaper labor. Recently, telephone outsourcing is gaining popularity in Worldwide: enterprises are taking out their contact centers in the regions.

What services does the call center provide for outsourcing?

Our company provides comprehensive services for outsourcing call centers. The list of services provided by our call center includes: processing of incoming calls (hotline, virtual secretary , telephone booking service), outgoing calls (telemarketing and telephone sales, updating databases, questionnaires and surveys ).

The hotline service will ensure a reliable connection of any subscriber with the operator, even during peak calls. This will give the company the opportunity not to lose a single client, while maintaining the normal work of the back office – the managers involved in the processing and execution of orders.

Telemarketing allows not only to make sales by phone, but also to support the marketing activity of the company during the period of advertising campaigns. The call center will be able to inform a lot of consumers in a short time about the shares of your company and entice potential customers to participate in them.

How much does an outsourcing call center cost?

The cost of the call center services of our company depends on the tasks set by the customer. Each typical service adapts to the conditions of the company that placed an order for the call center services. Contact center operators are trained according to a special program, which in a short time allows them to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts from the professional field of the company and the rules for transferring calls to customer’s employees.

Call center for outsourcing allows you to save on the implementation and management of your own contact center. Depending on the company’s objectives, you can choose a partial or full outsourcing contact center. The on-demand contact center (on demand) can be deployed within 1 day.