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CAD Visualization services: Photo realistic representation of drawings, illustrations and sketches

3D drawing programs are an integral part of product development today. However, the data is not only available to designers and developers. In the CAD model (CAD = Computer Aided Design), the desired object can be transformed into photorealistic environments with other software programs, which are an important criterion for presentation to customers. In addition, the CAD data is converted into a stereoscopic 3D model to create a spatial representation with depth effect for the viewer. The 3D visualization of a CAD object in the planning apron facilitates communication with the customer.


Photorealistic CAD visualization:

The 3D-CAD visualization allows a virtual tour of the planned CAD project. All perspectives inside and outside the desired object can be viewed and evaluated immediately.

Our services in the field of CAD visualization:

– Photorealistic presentation for a better and more comprehensible presentation

– Visualization of outdoor and indoor spaces, equipment and products

– Variant constructions, Variation of different materials

– Simulation of lighting conditions (sun, day & night, shade and artificial light)

– Professional presentation for tenders

– Design assistance during the design phase (prototype development)

– Argumentation assistance at negotiation offices

– Virtual room inspections

Technical illustrations for assembly instructions and catalogs:

Technical illustrations allow a spatial orientation and stimulate the reader’s attention. The technical illustration must always be optimally coordinated with the text. Depending on the product and the target group, two- or three-dimensional technical illustrations, pictograms, analytical images such as circuit diagrams and diagrams, as well as exploded views for assembly instructions and catalogs are created.

Technical drawings for manufacturing processes and functional descriptions:

Technical drawings document in graphical and written form all information necessary for the manufacture and description of the required functions and properties of a product. The production of a work piece must precede the construction by technical drawing. This has the advantage that possible errors are detected and eliminated right from the planning stage.


Solid modeling for designers in product development and simulation:

Solid modeling is used to describe three-dimensional solids using mathematical methods. Especially for computer-aided design in product development and simulation, solid modeling plays an important role. Solid modeling helps the designer see the designed object as if it already existed. This helps the designer to be sure that the object looks the way he wanted.

CAD Conversion: Turns hand sketches and drawings into accurate CAD data:

CAD conversions help to find a suitable way if two different programs do not support each other’s formats. Through high-quality interfaces, the software enables reproducible and efficient conversion, repair and geometry simplification for optimized transfer to the desired CAD system. The CAD conversion converts paper plans and drawings into high-quality CAD files quickly, accurately and with the utmost precision.

2D-3D conversion of sketches, illustrations and ideas into photorealistic 3D models:

The 2D-3D conversion includes the conversion of sketches, ideas and design concepts into photorealistic 3D models. The conversion is particularly suitable for presenting your own design concepts for products (prototypes) or architectural sketches (houses, gardens, parks) in front of customers or a broad public promising. 2D-3D conversions are used in a wide variety of industries. For example, in architecture for the 3D modeling of architectural projects, in the automotive industry or in jewelery design for prototype development.