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CAD conversion Services

CAD conversion services: Turns hand sketches and drawings into accurate CAD data. CAD conversions help to find a suitable way if two different programs do not support each other’s formats. Often, the CAD data you need is only available in one format. Because designers use different tools and older versions are constantly being replaced with new ones, it is important to have design software that can translate data from others and into other design and manufacturing tools. The CAD conversion converts paper plans and drawings into high-quality CAD files quickly, accurately and with the utmost precision.


Advantages of CAD conversion:

Easily transform your existing design data (2D and 3D) from other and other design and manufacturing tooling formats to accelerate your product development. You plan and construct in your own familiar CAD system. They have a smooth data exchange with the project partners and can provide fair documentation according to the specifications of the client in their CAD system.