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Business Writing Services

Today, most companies communicate mainly through the web. But writing on paper is a far from obsolete way of doing marketing Weprosys Ltd. knows this and for this reason wants to give you some advice to write business letters that can increase your business.

Why rely on company letters

Business letters for many companies are the only way to communicate with customers and gain new market shares. Despite the advent of the web and the spread of email marketing, writing business letters is still important to offer goods and services to a wide range of potential buyers.


We think of the company that, not having the emails of its customers must rely on the “old” business letter to communicate with them. Many people are wary of commercial emails and still prefer sales letters.

The areas in which writing a business letter makes the difference

Every type of market needs commercial letters. This ancient, but still current, form of marketing is successful in the service sector, between small and medium-sized industrial companies and in the tourism sector. A good business letter, then, can give the right turn to the start up looking for its own identity on the market.

How to write effective business letters

A commercial letter to achieve its purpose, that is, to sell the person who sent it, should have a length not exceeding an A4 sheet. The text, then, through precise techniques of persuasion must convince the recipient to perform a specific action: participate in an event, enroll in a course or buy a product.

To write an effective business letter, you must:

-Know the target audience;

-Highlight the strengths of the product / service offered;

-Choose a style and a tone appropriate to the reference business context;

-Know the main techniques of persuasion applied to writing.

Other business writing service includes:

-Company formation documentation

-Website, Content and Marketing

-Business Letters

-White Papers, Reports, Proposals, etc.

-Business-Planning Documents

-Policies / Procedures

-Education / Training Materials

-Freelance Editing / Proofreading

-Legal Writing and Editing

-Crowd funding

-Grants, Fundraising

-Corporate Communications

-Business Blogs


-Shareholder Communication

-Writing Support / Related Services

-Research / Surveys