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Business Card Design Services

Business Card Design Services. Exclusive business card: the secret of a memorable design. The company “Weprosys Ltd.” offers you the most affordable price in Moscow to order an up-to-date and popular service, such as business card design. Experienced and qualified specialists of our company will develop for you as a usual layout (text and / or graphic), as well as its exclusive author’s version. Along with this, we can also take on the template of the customer, regardless of whether the sketch of the business card is presented in the form of a finished card or a graphic image.


Prices for the design of business cards

The final price of creating unique business cards is made up of many important components and directly depends on the customer’s imagination. The client can limit himself to the usual layout or, on the contrary, choose a more complicated variant. We will be able to tell you the exact cost of printing business cards only after receiving from you a completed technical assignment (brief).

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the approximate prices for our services for the production of a professional business card mockup:

Business card layout type            price, Dollar.

Normal text layout of business cards      10

The usual graphic mock-up of a business card (can be developed both

With the use of vector clipart Clip Art,

And with the use of vector graphics of the customer)     12

Complex graphic mock-up / business card design              of 15

Development of author’s design of business cards           of 30

It is worth noting that our company provides qualified services for the creation of business cards on the basis of a sketch or customer template, conducting painstaking work with samples of finished products, as well as with scanned images. The cost of such projects will depend on the individual requirements of the client. At the same time, prices can vary within the following limits:

Type of work price, Dollar.          Features of the order

Layout of business cards on the template of the customer, provided in the graphic program        4 for 1 type When placing an order with a volume of more than 10 sets, the cost of business cards will be 3 Dollar.

Creating a standard graphic business card layout 10 In addition, the payment for the business card logo drawing is done.

Creating a complex graphic layout / developing a business card design of 15 In addition, payment is made both for the drawing of the logo and, if necessary, for processing the image provided by the customer.

Ordering the professional design of business cards in the company “Business cards for you” , you can take advantage of various topical demanded offers that we offer our clients. Acceptable cost of additional services will not ruin your budget and allow you to get a high-quality product with a unique design for a moderate fee.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the prices for additional services:

Additional services          Cost of services

Logo drawing (vectorization)      from 10 Dollar. And higher

Creating a layout of the road map            from 12 Dollar. And higher

Making changes to the vector layout      5 Dollar For one layout

Making changes to raster layout information      8 Dollar. And higher for a single layout

Color matching  8 Dollar. For one proof sheet

Work to prepare the layout for the print stage, including the completion of the departures, the

Conversion of RGB and spot colors in the CMYK format  8 Dollar. And higher

Extra charge for urgency (production in the presence of the customer) The coefficient of increase is from 1.5 to 2.

In addition, if desired, customers can create a mock-up for business cards themselves. In this case, before submitting the project to work, you will need to familiarize yourself with the technical requirements that our company presents to the mock-ups of business cards.

Individual style of business cards

Individual design is extremely necessary for such an important element of business ethics, as a business card. After all, this stylish, presentable and creative (or, conversely, faded and unattractive) card potential customers and partners will form their opinion about you and your company. A memorable and respectable appearance is needed not only for you. The effective design of the business card can easily and quickly solve the question of a blitz presentation.

Choosing a questionable printing house with extremely low prices, you run the risk of contacting unscrupulous performers. Cheap services or, even worse, tempting promises for free to make a business card design openly speak about the typical, conveyor approach to the customer. No one is simply going to waste time on your business card and developing an exclusive layout for it. You will be offered options for available templates.

Our company offers customers not only affordable prices for services, but also a first-class service that involves an individual approach to each order and a unique, unique design of business cards. Impressive work experience and rich creative potential of our specialists allow us to create stylish and spectacular products. Cooperation with us will give you an opportunity to differ from your competitors, demonstrating that a business card is not just an accessory of a business person, but rather an easy way to demonstrate the solidity and prospects of your company.

Exclusive business card: the secret of a memorable design

At present, the design of business cards can be divided into two types: simple and author’s. The first option is the usual layout, implying a simple placement on the standard format of the organization’s logo and the necessary contact information (name and position of the employee, phone numbers and e-mail address).

The author’s design of the business card provides for more imagination and creative possibilities. Here it will be appropriate to experiment with forms and materials, a palette of shades, a game of color and special printing technologies. Specialists of the company “Business cards for you” will offer you to use the following modern methods of making business cards:

-Silk-screen printing card Design;

-Foil stamping;

-High printing;

-Selective varnishing;




Our secret of a memorable design for a stylish and effective business card is quite simple: it is an attentive attitude towards the customer, maximum conformity of the products to the requirements and taste preferences of the customer, as well as the use of the latest technologies in the implementation of fresh, uncommon ideas of professional designers

Design of business cards

-Digital printing of business cards

-Offset printing of business cards

-Business cards with silk-screen printing

-Business Cards with Thermal Transfer

-Business cards with selective varnish

-Business cards with high printing

-Business cards with embossing

-Business cards with foil stamping

-Business cards with embossed embossing

-Business cards on order

-Business cards flowers

-Business window

-Business cards for dentistry

-Business card of a lawyer

-Business card masseur

-The speech therapist’s speech

-Business Card Pastry Chef

-Company business card

-Interior Designer’s Business Card

-Designer’s business card

-General Director’s business card

-Business card of the doctor

-Business Card Attorney

-Metal business cards

-Wooden business cards

Plastic business cards

-CD business cards

-Design of business cards