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Outsource Business Application Development Services

Business Organization App: Eliminate paper forms, Digitize Business Processes and make the Company more efficient with Organizational App.

Management Control App: Check the Company at any time and in any place with the Management Control Apps connected to your Software.

Digital Marketing App: Innovative Marketing with Mobile Marketing and Smart TV Apps. Use the new Marketing Channels immediately.

Apps Connect with Cloud Security. Increase organizational efficiency and optimize the management costs of your company with the Business Organization Apps.


Keep the Vital Parameters of your Company under control with the Management Control Apps connected in real time to your systems securely with the Cloud.

Reach your customers directly on the smartphone with targeted messages or show them the Product Catalog on the Smart TV in the evening at home when it is relaxed.

Innovative Business App

Our Business Apps are developed in native mode with the JAVA language for Android, the native SWIFT language for iOS and C # for Windows without intermediate software levels for maximum performance.

They are connected to company software through the Cloud in Restful architecture for maximum speed and computer security with the minimum use of transmission band.

We use the largest Cloud infrastructures in Auto Scaling: Amazon AWS – Google Cloud – Microsoft Azure to ensure high levels of performance even with millions of active connections.

Digital transformation with the company apps

Our Working Model

We work closely with our customers and as a first step we organize the mixed work team DBI + customer and proceed to the joint planning of the project.

The Business App Development takes place in Java native mode for Android and Swift for iOS, guaranteeing maximum execution performance.

For all the software components to be implemented, we use the Agile Software Development process that guarantees Quality and Certain Times.

Throughout the development of the Project, our Consultants work alongside the Client with Specialist Services to ensure that the Final Result complies with the Expectations.

Our services:

Multidisciplinary skills for Digital Transformation allow us to guide Customers in the Evolutionary Process towards Industry 4.0. They range from the Business App Development for Process Digitalization, to Digital Marketing for Commercial, to Agile Software Development, IT Consultancy for Cloud and Cyber ​​Security