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Building automation systems Company in Bangladesh

Development of solutions for the automation of engineering systems and buildings. The company Weprosys Limited Building automation systems Company in Bangladesh offers design, installation, programming and commissioning of automation systems and dispatching engineering systems and buildings (BMS) in Dhaka Bangladesh and All other major cities like Chittagong, Rajshahi, Sylhet and many more.

We are also offer BMS software For Building Automation System in Bangladesh .

Weprosys Limited mission is to create the first intellectual building in Bangladesh, which will be recognized as the best in Bangladesh.

The advantages of an intelligent building:

-Reduction of electricity costs – up to 60% for various subsystems;

-the possibility of building certification by Govt. Authority

-reduction of staff;

-increased comfort and safety;

-reducing the risk of emergency situations, reducing insurance premiums;

-increasing the attractiveness of the object for tenants;

-transparent operating processes;

-Detailed information about the functioning of the building in a visual form.

Weprosys Limited specializes in creating integrated building management systems and integrating building subsystems into a single top-level management system. The following subsystems can be combined into a single automated building management system (RMS – room management system, BMS, building management system):

-Power supply;

-HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning);

-KNX, DALI, DMX based lighting;

-water supply and sanitation;

-motorized blinds;

-SKD (access control system);

-OPS (fire alarm system);

-automated fire extinguishing.

Intelligent Building Opportunities with BMS:

-intelligent power management equipment;

-control of electrical lighting on the interface DALI (Digital Address Light Interface);

-climate control and lighting on the KNX interface;

-management of emergency situations: shutdown of water supply at detection of a leakage, shutdown of power supply at short circuit, etc.

-automatic notification of abnormal situations, reminders of routine maintenance by SMS or e-mail;

-storage, analysis and visualization of data on the functioning of the building;

-access to manual control of equipment and building data from mobile devices;

integration with global ERP and BI systems of the customer.

Weprosys Limited implements projects of intelligent buildings based on automation equipment ABB, Beckhoff, Trend, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Honeywell and other manufacturers upon request.

Since 2019, Weprosys Limited has been successfully designing and installing dispatching and engineering systems management systems, integrated security systems and building management systems (BMS).

Automation systems

Unlike most system integrators, we involve in the development of the project not only programmers, but also highly qualified engineers, so we understand the needs of the customer more deeply and can create the most effective solutions. We develop highly detailed documentation that allows you to implement projects without overlays and effectively operate the system in the future. We perform a full cycle of work on the dispatch of engineering systems of any complexity:

-drawing up detailed project documentation;

-equipment supply;

-installation supervision;

-assembly of automation cabinets;


-development of remote control interfaces, visualization systems and data analysis;

-post-installation service.

We develop solutions for dispatching, control and remote management of the following systems:

-system of guaranteed, emergency and uninterrupted power supply and electric lighting;

-system of energy distribution, accounting and control of resource expenditure;

-ventilation system, air conditioning and heating;

-water supply, sewage and drainage system;

-air preparation, cleaning and moistening systems;

-cold supply system, air conditioning and climate control.

-Building Information Infrastructure

The infrastructure of any modern building presupposes the existence of a variety of information and communication systems. Weprosys Limited offers design and implementation of individual building IT systems, as well as the integration of existing systems. We carry out projects to equip buildings with modern information infrastructure “turnkey”:

-design of SCS;

-multimedia systems design;

-telecommunication systems design;

-equipment supply;

-installation supervision, installation.

-Integrated security systems

Weprosys Limited develops, installs and integrates integrated building security systems, including the following systems:

-OPS (fire alarm system);

-fire protection and fire fighting;

-security video surveillance;

-SKD (access control system);

-gas pollution control;

-clock and alert;

-SMIS and SMIC .

Creating a comprehensive security management solution allows you to increase the efficiency of the whole system and thereby ensure reliable protection of property and people’s well-being.

Intellectual building:

The accumulated experience, knowledge and our own patented developments allow us to create complex automated building management systems (BMS, building managemet system). Equipped with a similar system of building called intellectual. BMS makes it possible to integrate all the engineering networks and information systems of a modern building under centralized computer control: heating, air conditioning, ventilation, security and fire alarms, warning systems, electric lighting, uninterrupted power supply, and telecommunications infrastructure. Among the main advantages of BMS is the reduction of utility bills up to 40% due to the rational management of resource use with relatively low investments (from 5 to 10% of the project cost) and payback within 3-7 years. Our company has created the first commercial real estate in Dhaka, in which all engineering and information systems are combined under centralized management.

Energy efficiency of buildings:

Weprosys Limited specialists have been trained under the certification program of the largest international system for assessing “green” buildings and are ready to provide comprehensive consulting support in the development of energy efficient or “green” buildings. We have not only the necessary knowledge, but also real experience in creating energy-efficient buildings. During the construction of the we applied a number of modern energy-saving technologies. We will help you to develop solutions that are optimal in terms of resource and energy efficiency integrated building management systems; engineering systems;

Building Management System:

Building automation and automation of building engineering systems begins at the design stage of any modern complex. When developing projects for building automation systems, the tasks of managing heating, power supply, water supply and sewage, lighting, ICT, etc. are solved. The higher the functional load, the more difficult is the automation of building engineering systems: for example, in large commercial, industrial and office complexes to traditional tasks building automation added such specific as air conditioning, security and fire suppression, telecommunications, etc. Building automation assumes that all elements of engineering systems, having their local control points, are combined into a common dispatching system of an intelligent BMS building.

Weprosys Limited offers the design of building automation systems, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and technical support for building automation systems and engineering equipment automation, SMIS and SMIC systems based on Beckhoff , Schneider Electric, Siemens, Wago, Phoenix Contact, Honeywell , ABB , Trend Controls equipment at the request of the customer.

We are  KNX, Lonworks, DALI, Bacnet, Modbus, PLC technology specialists that we actively use in building automation projects. We will develop a conceptual design of an integrated management system for your intellectual building for free! To clarify the terms of service, please contact, 01788377901