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Brand Design Services

Brand design is necessary for companies that are planning a successful entry into the market. Whether it’s a product or a service – they need to be recognizable among the audience, and not just the target. Weprosys Ltd. knows how to create a brand design that will be associated with the product at the first mention of it.

Who needs a brand design?

-Businessmen of large and middle level;

-Companies providing services;

-Private clinics and law offices;

-Representatives of the IT industry;

Creating a brand design Stages

Development of branding is a complex event. In order to capture the full range of features of the company, we divide the task into stages.

1st stage: Development of corporate style

Corporate style includes a combination of colors, logo, slogan, and corporate policy – everything that distinguishes you from other brands and is well remembered. What do you think about when you see an apple with a bite? We will help create a corporate style that will be no less eloquent than that of Apple.

2nd stage: Design of packaging material

How often do you buy the product because it is beautifully packaged? Packaging material should demonstrate that you care about the client, understand his needs and know what he wants. You have to show that your product can become a friend and support.

The third stage: Logo creation

A successful brand logo can, without superfluous words, evoke memories from consumers and the desire to quickly buy something from your products. What it will be – a bright illustration or a laconic inscription, you decide. Or we can conduct a market research, through which we understand the preferences of your potential customers.

4th stage: Design of the brand book

Brand book is a collective image of your company. It shows whether the colors fit well, whether the fonts are suitable, whether the interior design is right. The development of the brand book will help to see the brand design from the outside, and appreciate all its charms and shortcomings. Much easier to fix errors when they are on paper.

5-th stage: Advertising design

Imagine the situation: the buyer is walking around the city. He sees a banner on which your product flaunts. He runs to the supermarket and looks for the colors and images that he just saw. In order for it to find you, advertising and brand design should exist in harmony. Development of colors for advertising, styling of treatment, mood and tone of the message – all this should correspond to your positioning. So a potential customer in memories will have an impression of the product, not the product itself. And impressions are needed much more often than shopping, is not it?


Features of the brand design

This is not just a collection of individual activities that do not interact with each other. This is a complex that develops into a single picture. Creating a brand design is much more effective than a one-time PR campaign.

Quality design should:

Be remembered – the buyer should remember exactly about your brand, when he needs a service or a product of your profile.

To be simple – a concise and understandable image will attract more audience, because even those who do not need it will remember it.

To be universal – you will never know what will happen in ten years. And what if your company, producing irons, wants to sell refrigerators? Capital rebranding requires a lot of time and money. Think in advance how you can accurately describe your company. Or we can do it.

Be flexible – most customers are very moody. Their preferences can change at any time, and you should be ready for it. Even such famous brands as Starbucks and IKEA are constantly differentiated under the influence of new trends.

Brand Design Strategy

We use models to create, manage and manage the brand and its image. We evaluate the economic parameters, business strategies and founding values ​​of the company to create design strategies that reflect a deep understanding of consumer needs and brand perception.

-Brand values.

-Brand personality.

-Brand expression.

-Brand image.

-Brand architecture.


Corporate Identity

We make the brand unique, tangible recognizable and engaging through the study of the name, brand, colors, typographic characters and distinctive graphic signs that develop through a series of tools, digital, physical or verbal communication.


-Logo design.



-Visual identity.

Communication Design

We create graphic projects that allow us to communicate in a clear, simple and coherent way the potential of our products and services. Through the study of flexible systems we design brochures, catalogs, websites and videos, indispensable communication tools for marketing.

-Business publishing.

-Info graphic.

-Motion graphic.

-Corporate video.

-Environmental design.

-Corporate promotion design.

Brand Design Guidelines

We create manuals and guidelines for the management and communication of the brand to all interlocutors, both internal and external. We support companies to communicate the essence of the brand, the vision and the brand strategies, the peculiarities of the product and the essence of the brand.

-Corporate identity guidelines.

-Brand book.

-Communication guidelines.

-Equipment and sales points

Two through the study of the habits, needs and expectations of customers, creates environments that support the sale and positioning of the brand. The corporate branding activities in setting up the environments, from the stand to the point of sale, are an opportunity to manage expectations and create a good consumer experience.

-Exhibition stands design.

-POP and visual merchandising.

-Retail design.