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Bookkeeping Services

Correct conduct of accounting should accompany any economic activity. Because only this ensures the correct conduct of all operations of the enterprise and you can evaluate the result of its operations. In addition, analyzing the accounting indicators, you can optimize the activities of the enterprise, and increase its profit margins in the future. At the same time, it is very important to organize accounting in order to avoid any mistakes and distortions, and it is most profitable to convert all current accounting indicators into benefits for your business.

Our company provides services for the organization and management of accounting at enterprises of various forms of ownership and volumes of activity. We will be able to fine-tune the accounting system for your enterprise, having previously assessed all the features of its activities, analyzing the scope and scope of work, labor costs, workflow, etc. Individual approach to each customer is the guarantee of the best organization of accounting for you, and our good reputation. After all, the activities of all enterprises (even within the same sphere) are different. And if you use standard solutions when organizing accounting at the enterprise, you can miss many significant points. We offer you such organization of accounting, which will be most suitable for your company,

In our work we are guided by the current legislation, norms and standards of accounting and financial reporting. Not the last place here is also the great experience and professionalism of our employees. We know exactly what an accounting organization should be in your company, and we will gladly tell you about it.

We at the best level organize for you the accounting of non-current assets (fixed assets, low-value assets, intangible assets); own capital; stocks; cash (in national and foreign currency, in cash and in bank accounts); settlements with buyers and suppliers; internal payments at the enterprise (in particular for wages or advance reports); and much more. We will develop a comprehensive accounting system, calculate the optimal number of employees in the accounting system, and write job descriptions for them. If necessary, we will also help you automate the maintenance of accounting, and introduce special software.

Turning to us, you will provide yourself with an effective and qualitative organization of accounting, which, in turn, will become a guarantee of your new profitable and prosperous economic activity. Good luck to you in all your endeavors!

Multi functional outsource service provider “Weprosys Ltd.” is a recognized leader in the market of legal and Bookkeeping services. The transition to a new format of service has transformed the company into a leading partner of the capital’s business. Dozens of entrepreneurs and commercial firms trust their own well-being and the future for specialists. Cloud technologies have made outsourcing a convenient tool for the development of commercial projects. The services of accountants and the best professional human rights defenders were available to firms throughout the city. You can get a consultation or a document at any time.


Strategy of success! Bookkeeping services in Dhaka

After many years of research, the center’s management has found the best option for cooperation with Global business. Weprosys Ltd. use of the virtual network capabilities allowed to reduce the cost of Bookkeeping services several times. The Internet has increased the scope of activities, and a clear system has ensured prompt service.

For the minimal payment the client receives a full-fledged support of authoritative experts. Reliable protection against risks is provided both in complex and partial outsourcing.

Only experienced professionals are involved in providing Bookkeeping services in Dhaka. The management of the center thoroughly checks:

-knowledge level;
-business reputation;
-ability to maintain sober thinking under stressful conditions.

The selection of personnel is very responsive. Work in the team of “Weprosys Ltd.” can only the best of the best. Each employee is a real expert, continuously improving his qualifications.

The team does not just provide Bookkeeping services. The key objective of the center is to create a favorable business environment. The success and well-being of the client is a matter of honor.

Result instead of promises! Guarantee of financial stability

Business partners receive only high-quality and professional services. Accountants, lawyers, analysts, tax advisers, economists and human resources inspectors – the key to successful problem solving is specialization.

A responsible approach to the formation of staff opens up wide opportunities. The package of legal and Bookkeeping services covers all areas. Employees of Weprosys Ltd. provide support in the most complex branches of economic activity.

No promises! Only 100% result!

Rendering of Bookkeeping services assumes:
full or partial outsourcing;
maintenance of personnel, tax, economic Bookkeeping;
drawing up of the reporting, including for the companies which have temporarily suspended work;
provision of Bookkeeping services during the audit period;
tax consulting;
carrying out audits and much more.
Specialists of the center organize restoration of Bookkeeping, eliminate system errors, and also provide internal control over the movement of values.

Accountant services in Dhaka are provided remotely. The modern approach significantly increases the level of confidentiality. Access to information is only a responsible employee, whose candidacies are approved by the client when signing the contract.

Comprehensive quality control!

“Weprosys Ltd.” takes care of business reputation. The provision of Bookkeeping services in Dhaka is carried out in strict accordance with the current legislation of the Global Federation. Twice a year the management conducts a full audit of the system of work with clients. Each specialist passes certification, and the order of interaction is critically evaluated.

The cost of Bookkeeping services in Dhaka is regularly reviewed. The center keeps pace with the times! During periods of economic downturn, prices are decreasing, the subscriber package is being finalized. Regular partners receive large discounts.